Sunday, August 26, 2012

Velvet Nights with Tea

A superduper thank you to Layla de Light and Rudie Ruthless for organizing last nights´amazing event in Helsinki! Huge thanks also to fellow performers and the audience, you rokk!!!
I usually stick to what I know style-wize- stuck in the 50´s tapping into the 40´s on occasion so it was good fun trying out make up and hair from a different era. My wonderful partner in crime, Pepper Sparkles, who is all about 20´s and 30´s style did my hair (thanks girl, now I can try it myself). I have been trying out different hairstyles for this particular number since the feather headpiece from Fiona Timantti creates certain needs and restrictions and this was the best one so far! Yippee! So even if this kind of flapper girl-hair would normally have the bun in the neck I had mine upper to fill a little gap between the hat and the head. I also love the dramatic eyes with glitter and lashes on both upper and lower lids.
Today it´s been less glamorous with gardening and that never-ending laundry business but I´ll live long with the ambience of last night. I´m also thinking about starting a fan club for Sir Willy Waterlily, sweetie you´re just a bag of chips and then some <3

Backstage at Wäiski with Pepper Sparkles, Bent van der Bleu and Sir Willy Waterlily

A well organized chaos...

Pinning then down!

Sir Willy and his magic boobs! (Sophie Le Sucre in the background)

Eye action

My favourite morning gown is from Victoria´s Secret

Posing with Bent and Frank Doggenstein...

...and photobomber Jac :)

With Pepper, who obviously is planning something evil! Art deco earrings from Hoochie Mama Jane.

Posing... My head piece was found at Morsmaikku

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