Monday, August 6, 2012

Sailorettes at Porispere 2012

Thank you everyone who made last weekend at Porispere so fun! Me and Sandy had a blast, - some sore feet for sure but that comes with the territory.
Friday was music-wise more up my alley with Marky Ramone and Turbonegro but I was positively surprised my Amorphis on Saturday. Fast metal music has never been my thing, more into the hard core (Helmet, Unsane, Crowbar...) and even found a Henry Rollins-look-a-like strolling around :) Also noticed some cute mohawks, corsets that must have been held up by the Holy Ghost (or tape) and just a pretty cool ambience of a summer festival. We had our little rum kiosk just by the main stage and Lord fatty kept us entertained in between the sets on stage, very cool.

As usual, there was a lot going on at the same time so hope some of you found your way to Ship Ahoy! at Tampere where my girl Pepper Sparkles among others (The Magician Christopher Wonder! Nooo! I missed it!) were performing. Next thing coming up is the Velvet Tea Room at Wäiski (Hellsinki) the 25th of August, come see us there! And if you are from Pori keep your eyes peeled for some burlesque action this Fall! I´ll post further info here as soon as I get it. I have one more week of holidays before I´ll start my new job... looking forward to teenage riot again :)
Have a good start of the week everyone!!!

With the Blitzkrieg boys backstage (pic: Sandy)

With the boss, Lord Fatty and Porispere Kilju... WTF?!? (pic: Sandy)

Thi guy wanted to have his picture taken with us. Here you go :)
Sailor beware! 
Ready to ROKK! Friday with DJ Lord Fatty
We had some pretty good looking bartenders working with us - thanks guys for all the help!!!
...leopard printed night gowns for both me and Sandy--- funny, that.
Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg <3
Saturday, heavy metal day :)
The Best Little Rum Bar at Porispere!
Sailorettes of Saturday! Ahoy! (P.S Sandys top and shorts and my pants are from Fast´n´Loud in Helsinki! <3)


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