Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snaps from Saturday

Tonight I´m going to meet some friends and see some theater! The wonderful Antti Holma has put together a pay called "Johtaja" about power and leadership. It can be seen at Teatteri Takomo in Hellsinki and I do recommend you get tickets in advance! His "Rakastaja" aka Lover was brilliant so very much looking forward to this <3
Also wanted to share a couple of pics that has appeared on the interwebs from last Saturday. Plus, please go read Essence Revealed´s latest post on sexual abuse here. It seems that there is no end to women degrading shit coming out of the republicans mouths these days and it makes me sick to my stomach. Good answer, Essence. Even here in Finland we have men writing about how tattoo´s lessen the "market value" of women, as women were a merchandise. He also said that tattooed women are a "sure thing" which puts things on a very interesting level. I use the word "interesting" here as the British would do when meaning "fucking awful". But, away with bad thoughts, I´ll go put a dress on and head to the capital! Ta!

Photo by Jari B. Miettinen

Photo by Nina Bomboloni

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