Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feelings, nothing more than...

I´m stuck on the sofa, drizzly rain outside... My sister wanted to visit for coffee but I missed her phone call. I´m in that mood again, as you can see, hehe.
The good news is that this is (according to my blood tests) just an ordinary cold which means that if I´m a good girl, take my medication and REST I should be fine and dandy come weekend. I will still miss my dear friend Jac´s birthday bash in Tallinn which makes me both sad and annoyed but I try to think about all those wonderful hot yoga classes and the rockabilly dance course that I can attend to when I feel like *me* again. Not there´s this 90-year-old grumpy old broad living in my body, no exercise for a a few weeks makes Gigi an evil witch :)
I do want to write about a thing that has been on my mind lately, it has to do with how people perceive burlesque and about people in certain professions that according to some should not have burlesque as a hobby. I´m talking about why I, as a teacher, get questions like if I don´t find it "inappropriate" to do burlesque or why some friends of mine have been told that they, - being mothers of small children, really shouldn´t do burlesque much for the same reason of being inappropriate. I won´t do it now.
I wan´t you to think about a few things though: first, how do you define "a professional". I´m talking about any kind of professional, workwise. What makes a person a "pro" at what they do. Second: define double-standards. And third: why is it more ok to show war and violence than bare skin and erotica?
I will get back to you on this, don´t you worry :) if you have any thought on the subject/s please let me know!!!  I´m open to all kinds of debate and ideas. Right now I just wanted to post a few awesome old movies posters that define how I feel about having a cold. Seeya soon <3

It lives in my sinuses!

Being forced to watch daytime TV will kill braincells!

Every morning I feel like this....

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