Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hallo! It´s raining outside, real Fall weather. I have been playing domestic goddess all day and feel very productive and ...domestic, haha! Tonight we have a date night with my darling - we´re off to Hellsinki to see the Satan´s Angel movie and the burlesque show afterwards. Perfection! Yesterday was a work day for me, we had a wedding in the evening so it´s been quite a busy weekend once again. The upcoming week I´m attending my sex.councelor class again, and really looking forward to Tuesday: both practice with Thee Dizzies AND I´m getting a new corset! :) I´m not giving up on having a waistline just yet!

I have a certain love for all things kitsch. I´ve mentioned my love of pin up´s before and there seems to be a magnitude of different fridge magnets as well... I try -like, really, to stay away from knick knacks and not have a bunch of *stuff* piled up on tables, shelves etc because I´m a somewhat neat girl (not anal, just *neat*. I like clean surfaces, believe it or not!) and I don´t want to spend time dusting shitloads of things. I´m not always succeeding on this Quest of Clean Surfaces. Shops like Kitsch, day (in Helsinki), Sivletto and Designtorget in Stockholm and all second hands and thrift stores really test my ability to stay cool. Not to mention the endless glitter and glam found in the depths of the internet. Sigh!
So alas, here I give you my fridge!
Have a good Sunday <3 data-blogger-escaped-div="div">
P.S there are a few tickets left for the movie tonight so if you´re interested you can still get yours!

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