Thursday, September 13, 2012


Oh Thursday. My antibiotics are kicking in, can´t stop thinking about work (related things) - the thing with a job one just started is that being away creates more stress than anything else. It´s not that I don´t trust that the world will roll on without me, it´s more the thought of "did I remember to write everything down/order everything/leave everything to be found" etc.  It is a fault of mine, I confess, to rather do things myself to be sure everything is done "properly" and so I don´t have to think about it. Some would call it " a good girl syndrome" others just being plain anal but I have been trying to let go, learning to relax about things and not be so ...´planning´. I´m the girl who always counts when learning new dance steps and gets frustrated and flustered when plans change without warning. I adapt, for sure. After a while :)  But with a new job it´s not that easy to do when I don´t have those routines all figured out even for myself. It´s a little like performing a new number for the first time: no matter how hard you have practiced, you know the music by heart and you felt good about it yesterday...standing in line next for the stage I have that feeing I can´t remember ANYTHING and it will all go to hell. It usually won´t and with the mis-hap´s and wardrobe malfunctions one learns to cope and learn from. Those can happen anytime. I guess writing this down just made me a bit more relaxed about the work stuff as well.

From one thing to the 5th - I´m so thrilled about my upcoming number! Music is fixed (thanks you Sir Willy for helping me out again), outfit next! I´m sure nobody is surprised to hear that it will be more neo- than classic once again. I was listening through songs last night thinking about a classical number  I´d like to do but we will see... Anyway, here are some inspirational pictures I found for this upcoming one.... Have fun!

Tom image found here

Me as Lucia with sisters and neighbor kids back in the day. My youngest sis probably still hasn´t forgiven us for her role as the Xmas-tree :)


Wonderful pic from here. Nice blog color as well :)

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