Monday, September 17, 2012

Victory rolls. Or something.

After feeling under the weather for a while it was good fun to roll up my hair and put on some lipstick again. I have been trying different versions of victory rolls, seriously - can´t remember how many tutorials I´ve watched on youtube :) That Vintage hairdo-book helps as well. But still they somehow always end up funny. Usually the one on the right hand side is fine, being right handed might have something to do with that. My hair also is pretty darn long right now so that makes the rolling a hazzle. Mental note: call my hairdresser. 
I didn´t use hot rollers here as I usually do, trying to be nice to my hair... Soft, spongy cold rollers work really good if you have time but here I just dried it with some hair mousse, teased it a bit at rolled up. A rat-tail comb and some extra hard core hairspray are must´s if you want to try any kind of vintage hairdo! Any kind of flowers to disguise a hair mis-haps are also a good idea to have in stock :)

The necklace was given to me the morning after our wedding by hubster. It´s specially made for me, black pearls and in between each pearl there´s white golden barb wire :) - for the old punk rock chick!

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