Friday, September 14, 2012

Satan´s Angel: The Movie

If you ever met her, you can´t forget her. Satan´s Angel is a legend of burlesque and a total force of nature - she´s loud, she´s intimidating and she´s quite fabulous :) I don´t think there is much she
* hasn´t * done in life and that just makes her one of the most interesting personalities I´ve had the honor of meeting. The movie about her has it´s European premiere at the Rakkautta&Anarkiaa-festival in Helsinki on the 23rd this month. There are still tickets so you should get yours, easy to do and more info on the film is found here. There will be a burlesque show at Dubrovnik after the film, those with movie tickets will be let in first so there´s a little extra spark if you need one! Me, Sandy and Pepper got ours so we will see you there!

Me assisting Angel at the last HBF... (photo by Emiliano Mel, I think)

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