Friday, September 7, 2012

The Little (Travel) Dress

It´s a legend. It´s been talked about for decades. It goes from mother to daughter (maybe). It´s the thing that will save your hiney on all those occasions when you "have nothing to wear". It´s the so-called "little black dress".
In my teens I had, as most teens have I guess, my black period when all I ever wore was black. It lasted for over ten years haha! I have good friends today who still won´t wear anything but black. It´s marvelous! If you have found your style then go with it! In my late teens and early 20s I wore a lot of dresses. I mean, *a lot*. I seldomly actually had pants on. But the dresses were, how shall I put this... a bit different from the style I have nowadays. It was in my punk/grunge-period so my great aunties 70´s home dresses were fab ( I thought, my youngest sister disagreed) combined with larger than life big black Doc Martens. Red shoelaces, of course.
I just started thinking about dresses that will save your night because I´m packing for the gig in Oulu. Flying almost always narrows down the things one can pack (and how). All headgear goes in the bag that comes in to the cabin, the rest will have to be put in the cargo. So what the heck am I wearing *after* the show?!!? Moulin Rouge...oh dear...As I was feverishly going through my dresses I noticed my glittery, wonderful slinky thang from Olivia Rouge. Yes, the one you have seen on many pictures lately. The one that sheds so much glitter that everyone will know who was around. It´s perfect: it´s glamorous AND it packs in NO space and it doesn´t wrinkle!!! Problem solved. Again. I love you, Olivia :)
Another one of my ass saving dresses is the one I bought when in New York and went to Enz´s rockabilly store. Oh my! I found the PERFECT little black dress! It´s Enz´s own line, a figure flattering, stretchy, spaghetti strapped dress where the material is draped over the stomach so that it really looks fab even if I have a bloated day. Picture and info found here. I´ve seen similar by PUG and Bettie Page so you should find yours. But if you are in NYC go see this store, link here!

I´m off to get my packing done, here´s some photos of the dresses even if they´re not *that* good shots... Have a fabulous weekend!!!

My perfect little black. Leopard bolero also from Enz´s.

Posted this before but you can see my glitter dress from Olivia Rouge so well here!

At Newcomer´s Night 2011, black dress combined with black satin bolero from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown.

At Fiona Timantti´s & Miia Magia´s birthday bash (pic by Miia)

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