Monday, September 24, 2012

Movie premiere

Today finds me tired but happy. Last night was a hoot and a half: great film, great show and friends - what more can one ask for?!? I am so tired that I´m seeing double, cranking that caffeine since me and hubster are starting that long-awaited rockabilly class tonight! The ballroom dance class almost split us up, hopefully this will work better :) If you want to put your relationship to the test: take a dance class. I dare you. Anyway, wish us luck! Here are some of my iPics from last night, in no specific order since I don´t know how to do that on the app I have on my phone...if anyone does, please let me know!

Me and Sandy 

Randy of Finland, the pick up man. I wonder since the show was a chronological of Angel´s life...was Randy maybe Clint? :D

The absolutely stunning LouLou D´Vil
With Sandy and Lamey - that *wat <3
Big Bad Black Bettie Blackheart
Bent van der Bleu
Black Bettie
T.t Tassel and the lovely Rhia the Evil Dressmaker
Leopard ladies Tinker Bell and moi
Bent as the nice Catholic boy
Kiki Hawaiji -bananas and all!
She was lost in the supermarket.
And Lamey´s fingers...
Mizz Titania Hill
Frank and Bettie with the director of the film: Joshua Dragotta
Bant? No wait...
A few words before the film (loving Kiki´s hairflowers!!!)
The Godfather if Manlesque: Frank Doggenstein
The glam crowd
Wickedly wonderful Loulou 


  1. It was faboulicious! It's always nice to see you. and yeah, Kiki's hairflowers are to die for!

  2. I know right?! Kiki always has the bestest hair <3