Friday, October 5, 2012


I was performing tonight at a birthday party with the magnificent Bent van der Bleu. Thank you m´dear for being such a crazy and fun person <3 
Also big thanks to the party organizers!!! Here´s some snaps from how it all turned out... This also seems to be a pretty good show-and-tell about how a little, ...-hmpf, ok: a lot of make up can change ones appearance :)

Me halfway done, Bent pre make up.
Adding: the Kosack.
Please hire us, were just ordinary people!
Sorry you can´t see all the GLITTER that my face (still has) after Tahiti...
Oh THIS was the one I was supposed to show you!
How I look 99% of the time. After show, make up OFF.
Hunky Kosack.
Going bananas...
Props, and no, the vodka is not real :)
Faux queen in training.

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