Monday, October 29, 2012

Party People

Scrolling through my phone I found some fun photos from the past weeks...Beautiful people, awesome parties <3 Now it´s back to work, work and no least for another week ;)

Sandy at Mascha´s & Max´s wedding last Saturday
Fiona rocking the Circus
Pirjo at the Gala
Ahem...with Olivia and Cherrie at the Gala...
Jac showing other ways to wear clown noses.
A bit more respectable ;)
Aleksis, nose.
Bettie´s Angels performing at the Gala
Baccara at the wedding...
Handsomeness, Aleksis & Sakari.
Bent with Aleksis at the Gala (Stella in the backgroud).
Tyra, nose.
Thee Dizzy Daisies wedding get up (the theme was black/white+circus if anyone wondered).
Lola getting all close, bus back from the wedding.
Very handsome Aleksi.
Lola, Sandy and Aleksi @ Hercules.
Going to another wedding in Fiona´s hat.
Me and Pepper @ Kokomo, Pirate Pleasures.
Allu <3 Sandy
With Rhia at the Gala.

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