Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Strong girls

My friend just posted this beautiful new video from pink on facebook. I do love that woman, she has a great voice, sassy attitude and she puts herself out there. I have been day-dreaming about taking acrobatics for a while now... Almost went to acroyoga with my honey but then work came in the way. This video, as I guess it tells a story about violence in a relationship, has some beautiful acrobatics in it. I wish I had her stamina and balance! On a more serious note, domestic violence is never acceptable no matter who it is who hits you. Phsycological violence can be as bad, with scars harder to see. It´s of course easy to say, but I do hope that if you, or someone you know, are being abused in any which way that you can find the strenght to find help. In Finland such places are e.g Turvakoti ("safehouses") that can be found in different cities and Tukinainen for rape- and sexual assault victims. 
Take action and participate in Slut Walk and Amnesty´s campaign against violence against women (in Finland) found here. Talk about it and help remove the guilt that still surrounds the victims. Also remember that men can also be victims not just offenders and the shame felt can, -if possible, be even bigger. Still all about old time gender roles, isn´t it?

Well, this is my Wednesday rant for now. Do enjoy the video, it´s quite amazing!
P.S The Suomi Burleski Gaala is totally reserved. If you don´t have a ticket keep an eye out for those tickets that can come up for sale!

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