Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kitsch! Part 2.

Well I have given you my fridge door, here is my downstairs toilet. Or "bathroom" is you´re an American. Though I never quite understood where the "bath" is :) It´s of course more pin up´s and also some posters from theatre plays and gigs and a crystal chandelier, my much loved poster from the Henry Miller museum in the Redwoods of a Henry Rollins reading there (that I missed, grrr...)...They truly are the Henry´s of my life. So mr.Rollins, if you are reading this please come back for another spoken word gig soon! 
I realized today that I really love my life right now. It might seem really corny (hey, the headline here was kitsch!) but it´s true. I am in a spot where I can actually enjoy the present and not just dream about things that will happen one day "soon". Not to say wonderful things aren´t happening soon because they are...The Finnish Burlesque gala, a wedding, a holiday week, a new glitter dress coming up, yes indeed! But today is a good day as well.
If your plans for Halloween are still open may I suggest to go to Tampere for the Horror&Tease show! Tickest can be bought at the Olivia Rouge shop and the wonderful Anna Fur Laxis is headlining! Facebook for the venue is here! I´m off to get myself ready for a dinner in Lappeenranta :) It´s a hike but will be worth it! Have a good weekend <3

I found these babies in Juneau, Alaska in 2000.
My icons (hm, not the beer guys :)
pin up´s...more pin up´s
The Henry´s.
Don´t ask.

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