Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend look

Tampere-Lappeenranta-Hellsinki...I am beat after the weekend! It was all good fun, but boy! I could sleep now. And I will. Since hubby was late from work we decided to skip the rockabilly dance class we would have been late for anyway and opted for  the opening of "Once upon a time" that I taped yesterday and sauna. Now I am SO ready for bed :) 
I know I kinda promised myself to save my new Stop Staring! dress for the wedding but I could not resist ... when the dress code for Saturday night´s dinner was casual chic, come on- if it´s not a call out for a small black dress than what is?!? Decided to try the dang victory rolls again, this time with another tough one for me: the fake Bettie you can see the result wasn´t perfect but a sort of B-... Again, saved by the flower! And I have to say I´m giving up on the rats in the bangs vee-ry soon...I just can´t figure it out. This was done with a lot of teasing, hairspray and a pin to help with the rolling.
It´s a regular Mordor outside, very dark and rainy and gloomy. The dogs are carrying in kilos of sand and I´m sort of wishing for minus degrees already. Snow makes it more light and please remind me I said that when I moan about the snow in February :)
Have a splendid beginning of the week! Ta!

I love this new jacket SO much! I wish I could sleep in it :)

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