Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Have a great All Hallow´s Eve folks! I do miss the Halloween in the States, the dressing up and good partying (best one I attended was in Juneau, Alaska so far)...always was a bit too old for the trick or treating but as the farmer´s wife I certainly know about harvest festivities ("it´s ALL done!") and Kekri as the harvest fest is called here in Finland. If you´re in to the pagan Samhain, greetings to you as well. This witch is packing her broom and getting ready for some serious studying tomorrow at the sexual counseling course: these classes theme is sexual abuse, how to meet and help people who have been abused, and the laws about it. Hooyah. Not the easy cupper of tea let me tell you. I´m pretty exhausted as we speak and tomorrow will be 9h worth of it. VERY important. VERY needed. I hope I´m up for the task. 

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