Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finnish Burlesque Gala Backstage

Here are the backstage photos I promised :) I still have some from the audience but this will have to do for now since I have to get ready for Mascha´s and Max´s wedding! With a circus theme! Hurrah!

Drag Queen in training.
Lovely Kitty Litter, false eyelashes and red wine, yummy!
It´s tight and sweaty but we love it!
Vera D´Vil and Brion Bonaventura getting ready for the Savage Girls show...
Props for Lafayette Lestrange that got worn by Bent van der Bleu. Glad you´re feeling better Lafa <3
Kiki Hawaiji <3
Mimi de Silk
Bent. Who bent priesthood alright :)
Burlesque girls, you recognize them from vintage scarves on rollers :)
Mallas Athene checking out her amazing prop, mr. Pegasus
The beautiful Cherry Dee, so good to have you back girl! <3

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