Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things to come

This week has, for parts of it at least, felt like drinking glue. I guess I jinxed it last weekend when I said I am happy at where I am :)  And don´t get me wrong - I am. Both workwise and on all other levels all is fine. I guess I´m going through some Autumn blues. 
Well, this weekend I get to shake my booty with my girls Sandy and Pepper - our new group number will premiere at the Finnish Burlesque Gala @ ravintola Kaisaniemi! I hope you have your tickets because I think it´s sold out. That´s going to be FAB, I´m so looking forward to seeing everyone there!!! 
Here´s some snap shots from good things this week that will appear sooner than later...

Ansku att Saramai did a great job turning my ideas into reality again... This is for my upcoming "Xmas" number...
Shopping with Olivia ROuge last Friday I found this that is, as we speak, turning in to a dress for me for Saturday.
Gigi-velcro 1-0. I SUCK at sewing!!!!!
Autumn=candles. I love it!

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