Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tallinn and a pirates chest of goodies

I know, I know....promised you guys and dolls some backstage photos from the Finnish Burlesque Gala but that will have to wait. I´m giving you the Shopping Tip of the Century. I shit you not. Whatever (sub)culture you are in to I cannot honestly think why NOT to visit Karnaluks, the street adress is Hermanni 1 just about a 15min walk from the Tallink terminal. Trust me, I am not a sewing kinda person and I went MAD in there. I had not really understood what kind of a paradise it is, so next time I´ll do a very specific battle plan and bring a list of what I need. Even if I was just browsing I got stuff, beads, bling and feathers for at least 4 upcoming numbers (both solos and group numbers).
Apart from a good shopping day me and my girl Hanna went for a pedicure and did some strolling around the Old Town. My mother has taught me that one should take good care of ones feet and as usual, Mother is right. Especially if you are a high heel lover like myself. A foot bath and a home pedi are among the cheapest and most enjoyabel things to me (+ add a glass of wine) but I try to go to a professional treatment whenever possible. I have found that in Tallinn they are not just cheaper, but also nicer...the last pedi I had in Helsinki I had to listen to the woman moan about high food prices and shitty quality...not really relaxing, that. So I consider a girls trip the best of opportunities for such pampering :) So I can recommend the Day Spa, do call in an appointment beforehand. 
I have to go and empty my bags and have a shower, I promise to give you those other pictures soon.... 

Beaded things, one has never enough of those....
Dramatic, black...hmmm...
Tallinn Old Town
The loot
Somewhat tired due to only 3h of sleep last night, but happy!
Feather madness @ Karnaluks
Glitter toes!
Shoes. Duh!
For being so anti-pink in our regular lives Thee Daisies sure have pink in their numbers ;)

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