Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday

Picture by Saara Salmi
My Monday just got a lot better when I got this pic from Saara! We did our first pictures with the Dizzies a while back and took the opportunity to have some single shots as well. Thanks Saara once again and cheers to my girl Pepper for lending the sailor hat <3

Other than that this Monday has been...well, I guess the best way to summarize it is manic. It started with a burning bus and it´s been raining *all* day long. Autumn is here, folks. No way to to escape that now! I love this time of the year...the smells, the coolness...and this season I even got a pair of new glittery Hunter-boots to wear ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last thoughts of a first day
Well, the photo shoot was fantastic! Despite a week of way too little sleep the ladies got me feeling - and looking- great even without using oil-based paint. Can´t wait for the final photos (this one is taken with my phone).

I have been trying to learn how to do vintage hair and make-up...sometimes I nail it, a lot of the times I     
don´t... so I take all the help I can get. There´s some great books out there, like this one I got at Fast ´n´Loud last week...wish I had more time in the mornings! It was a real learning experience today to see some true professionals at work. Thanks again Fiona, Saara and Miia!!!!

Photos with Adam

One of the really fun things with this hobby is doing crazy photos! I love it! I´ve had the pleasure of working with Mr.Monaghan on a couple of occasions, here is one photo from the last shoot...inspired by Marilyn. Hope to do it again soon, cheers Adam :)
My honey gave me a great wedding-anniversary present this year: later today I get to have my pin up-photos taken by the lovely Pin Up Helsinki crew Saara Salmi, Fiona Timantti and Miia Magia! Can´t wait!!!!!

First post!

Excited! Confused! 
Nice to meet you, I´m Gigi - a dizzy broad interested in burlesque and all things surrounding this marvelous glitzy scenery. A bit dazed and confused with the whole blogging thing, but hope to learn!