Sunday, January 29, 2012


...time is flying! Only a couple of weeks to Helsinki Burlesque Festival so if you haven´t got your tickets GET THEM NOW! There are still single tickets for Friday and double for both days but Saturday is sold out and you can buy them here !!!

Remember these dates in Feb!

It´s going to be busy,busy,busy until that...Besides rehearsing like crazy and trying to get all props and outfits done plus on the 12th of February I´m participating in V-day reading the Vagina monologues at Teatteri Takomo in Helsinki. There will be wonderful women reading and the profit goes to end violence against women. Workwise I´m starting my class for sexual counsellor and am *really* looking forward to that! But that, of course, means that there will be classes to plan for my substitute...oh well! I have been sitting with my calendar all morning trying to get everything to make sense...
Last night though it was all about love - me and my sweetheart attended the wedding of a friend of mine. I do love winter weddings! The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome and all in all atmosphere was just right. Here´s my outfit from yesterday, have a gorgeous Sunday <3

Dress Stop Staring!, bolero Big Beautiful Barbara Brown, hair piece Sally Vanilla

Earrings  gorgeous art deco ones from Hoochie Mama Jane

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Desperately seeking...

...something. I´ve been feeling top notch the past days! This afternoon my mood swung on a dime and even if I ate shitload of carbs, listened to good music and tried to be positive it seems it´s bedtime for me. But before that I wanted to share one of my all time favourite feel-good-movies with you: Desperately seeking Susan (1985) with Madonna and Rosanna Arquette playing the leads. I don´t know HOW many times I´ve seen this, I know the stuff by heart and it makes me feel great every time.
This will blow over and probably tomorrow after a good nights sleep I´ll be good as new :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting warmed up

It´s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes... There was that earworm of a song a few years back (right up there with the Thong Song on my personal "annoying-as-hell"-list) but it catches the mood of the Helsinki Burlesque week pretty well! I´m attending a few workshops and definetly looking forward to the warm up party at Dubrovnik on Thursday - a great kick in to the weekend of mayhem at Gloria :) Can´t wait to hear Satans Angel´s stories! I bet there will be some red ears haha! Tickets are sold in advance at Tiketti and I strongly advice to get them beforehand!
We have geared up the rehearsing with Thee Dizzies, stuff is getting ready and the tension and excitement is rising... Blood, sweat and tears to be awaited as before all good shows :D Also, I got a really cool offer today but I´ll tell you about it a bit later when it´s official. Now I´ll relax in the sauna and try to get to bed early despite it being Friday-night since I have to get up bright and early to cram in some gym-time before meeting Les Girlz at Respberry Fields! Ta!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you want to find gorgeous jewellery, love second hand or just want to browse when in Helsinki you should visit my friend Irja´s vintage shop Hoochie Mama Jane. Oh boy! does she have good stuff! You can also buy online here.
Here´s my loot from tonight...
...always nicely packed...

These were a total impulse but so gorgeous couldn´t leave them behind: 1940´s glass earrings with a setting that suits also allergic skin. They sparkle in blue, honey and red!

THESE are the things I went to get: my delicious big-ass bling bling earrings! I´m in love!

They are not, what one would call "suttle" (but neither am I, so...)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fake bangs

Today I tried to do faux Bettie Page-style bangs on myself for the first time. Well, not really *the first* time, but since I had NO idea what I was doing the LAST time I tried it doesn´t count :) Olivia ROuge gave me a quick tutorial at Ofelia market when she did my hair so I kept that in mind today...This really is something you learn-by-doing so gather up patience! The hair came out ...ok-ish. I´ve tried to find hair "rats" aka soft spongy cushions one can use to puff up the hair in e.g victory rolls and these kind of bangs but all I´ve got my hands on so far is a roll that´s made out of a very light material, so it´s pretty hard to cover up when in my hair (which is, in case you haven´t seen: red :D

So I had to make a emergency victory roll to cover one side and added some flowers (always a great way to cover cock-up´s in hair-do´s by the way). I was only on my way for family lunch so I didn´t want it to be too glam, just a regular ponytail in the back. There are a lot of different tutorials on youtube about a lot of different hair- and make up-styles, here´s one: Faux PinUp Bangs. It´s pretty clear but the difference is, she has enough hair not to have to put in a rat. I find it easier and get a better result using one. I finally managed to find some brown rats online from the States, so I hope I get them soon! 
Now I shall vegetate in front of the tv for a while, Boardwalk Empire has it´s premiere in Finland and I just luuuv Steve Buscemi <3 Go check out their homepage in case this show is new for you here !

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I just read an amazing blog by Essence Revealed that Tinker Bell posted! Had to share it with you all! It´s a *very* good input to this whole "stripper/burlesque performer"-discussion. Read it here.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Lately, I´ve noticed a small change in myself. I´ve been enjoying *different* things than before...I swapped pole dancing to bodybalance (maybe I´ll climb back up on the pole...but for now) and tonight I cought myself buying maca-powder and googling smoothie-receipes in the store...Hmmm. It´s Friday-night (the First Friday After Vacation, no less) and we had a really good day today with The Dizzies. First me and Pepper ran around town and actually found most of the stuff for outfits we had on our list, then we met up at Raspberry Fields with Sandy and got our number figured out a bit more.
So WHY am I drinking a detox-smoothie?!?!?  Because it´s darn good, is why. I took out a bottle of chardonnay just because I want to have my options open if I feel like a glass after the smoothie haha! it´s all about balance, right? ;)
Have a beautiful weekend lovelies! Oh, and in case you wonder why I blog about a smoothie: I got the idea from one of Dita von Teese´s tweets! You should try it, check here!

Sandy and some props.

Pepper, being the sequin dealer...

Card added to give xtra boost for tomorrow mornings house cleaning...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It´s on!

Pepper cutting fabrics to *secret stuff* ;)

Tonight has been about good stuff;  burlesque, bodybalance and sushi. No complaints here! We got some stuff kickstarted at Raspberry Fields, booked in more rehersal- and shopping time, last looks at music and even some of the outfits are (at least on a mental level) almost done. Yey! Good work, sistahs! Listening to Serge Gainsbourg here and it always makes me feel a bit frisky so I´ll share it with you ;)  Have an awesome, snowy week lovelies! 

Sandy, making an important face :)

Keep your eyes peeled for this poster!

Feathery antennas? Maybe.

I knew my baby-blue sequins would come in handy sooner than later! Little purse from Little Mama´s Goodies and ring souvenir from Mombasa.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A long story

The last day of my holidays was spent celebrating birthdays which of course meant eating well and meeting nice people. If I haven´t said it before I say it now: I love food. Almost all kind of food, making it, eating it, buying it... Food equals love. When I care for you, I´ll cook for you. If I feel like shit, I´ll cook. When I need to relax, I´ll cook. I enjoy sitting down to a ready-made dinner. I love sharing an evening with friends that include good food and drink... You get the point :) 
As much as I´d like to tell you my relationship with food is a very simple one, I can´t. I have had big issues with it. I, -as many others, have gained weight and lost it, and gained it and... over and over and over again during my adulthood. During my late teens I was very close to getting what today is called ortorexia (an eating disorder when you become obsessed with eating only healthy stuff and working out/body image). It´s pretty funny in an ironic way that I´ve worked most my life with food (restaurants, teaching cooking etc.) Now, at almost forty, I finally feel pretty good in my skin. I like working out. I still feel bad after eating too much but it´s not this obsessive thing anymore. And, since I´m working with teens I find it very important to be a healthy role-model in the way that I hope I can promote a different "not-teen-vogue-ish-body-image". It´s really important and very interesting to question the photoshopped beauty-ideals that we are surrounded by. Thankfully we´re over the heroin-chic-look of the 90´s but any glossy newspaper and you get my drift. 
I was disgusted but really not *that* shocked when H&M came out and said that their "model" in their catalogue is computer-made. It´s impossible to achieve the look they try to sell us. I know that, but that´s because I´m middle-aged and because I´ve been around the block a few times!!! But if I´d be 14 eating disorder would probably be full-blown. Yes, being overweight is a heath-issue. As is smoking, drinking, having unprotected sex and bungee-jumping. I´m not playing down healthy living here. I´m just hoping people would embrace more body-types as beautiful and sexy. I´m hoping that people would not spend their lives being unhappy about their bodies but embracing the beauty in the difference sizes and shapes! Oh, how I LOVE burlesque for working on this!!!!! I love the fact that everybody is welcomed and applauded, -not just for the way they look, but more because of  their self-confidence, their strut and their va-va-voom. One of the first things I remember I was taught about our "wobbly bits" (by Bettie Blackheart) was "if it wiggles: add glitter!"Wow, this was a looong story to these pictures :)
Somebody linked today on my fave social media a picture of Marilyn Monroe next to a modern model - how clearly one could see the change in beauty ideals.  But really, I can´t imagine who would *not* find these pictures of the Goddess beautiful! Have a great week everyone <3
(all photos taken by Eve Arnold)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Night dance

We got some new art! A fabulous Tapani Kokko piece called "Yö tanssi" which means 'Night dance'. Looking at it, there´s something quite burlesque about it or what do you think? :)

"Yö tanssi"

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!! We landed last night around 11pm so it was quite amazing to see the fireworks from above. What a great trip - but it feels good to be home. I missed my cats <3 
Finally we have some snow here, not much, but enough to make it a bit white and that equals more light. Also today there´s this weird light effect upon the sky, I think it´s called "the sun". Compared to her African peer this sun seems more tranquil, dazed and confused :) 
I´m still a bit dazed and confused myself after flying for a whole day yesterday but I thought I´d share with you these lovely gifts that I got from my darling friends. Have a beautiful first day of 2012!

Very cool cards: one for me and one for my <3
Thanks Maija & co!!!!

Lush stuff from my girls Sandy & Pepper! I will smell like candy and roses!!! (I hope this wasn´t a hint to use more deodarant while practice ;)

My friend Anna should work as a personal shopper. Her gifts are so well-thought, so personal and so beautifully packaged! I had to keep the bags I got from her...

This time Anna had got me a great book on vintage clothing and some *very* nice underwear <3

My Xmas gift to myself: Dixie Evans signed photos! Arrived in the mail! Yey! She is GORGEOUS!!!!!