Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vision L´ESC 14.05.2022

 These times hey... I feel overwhelmed and exhausted as I´m sure many of you do as well. I have no advice expect please donate money or help in other ways if you can. Try not to doom scroll. Hugs the ones you love. Be careful about what and who you share on (social/)media and block the trolls. 

The pandemic is not over but restrictions are lifting which is great news for the cultural field that have been struggling. Lahti Burlesque has been able to organize a couple of events this Spring and we are happy to offer you a third one, a real break from the world at that: a night of Eurovisions and burlesque!

You can find the event here! Pepper Potemkin will also teach a WORKSHOP earlier that day, deets to follow.

Tickets can be bought via e-mail:

I´m hoping to be able to share more details about my & Miss Acrolicious US.tour this June SOON....

Keep on keeping on <3

Poster by Peach Ka Boom