Monday, January 20, 2020

Lahti Burlesque is now official!

Working together - double the strenght! Or at least, that´s what Dolly Poupée, Dick Tator and myself thought and made Lahti Burlesque official! All of us have been producing events and workshops in the Lahti area for a few years now and we came together for last November´s Piparirevyy- and it was great!

Thing is: we will still have our "own" clubs, Dolly has her nights at Tirra and we´re in Pikku Hanhi but we are looking forward to doing more brainstorming and work together to provide the city with even more varied and mind blowing performers and other cool stuff! And yes, we are thinking about doing Piparirevyy this year again...

So if you want to keep up do give us a like on Instagram @lahtiburlesque ! For info and inquiries:

And without further ado, here´s our next two clubs!

Tickets from the door! Poster: Dolly Poupée

April Fools Burlesque, 20.03.2020 at Pikku Hanhi, Lahti

Friday, January 3, 2020


Happy New Year, folks!

As the end of, and the beginning of, has been somewhat rough on me due to many different reasons (phneumonia being one of them) I´m looking at 2020 with hopeful eyes. I´ve set myself up for some new possibilities and hope (crossing fingers) that at least some of the plans and dreams I have will come through. Trying my best to silence the ever-so-pessimistic reality-checker in my head. If you always play safe, you never win anything new and exciting, huh?

I´m not making any resolutions and I´m pretty happy about the way I am at the moment- no need for "new me"-but I´ll try to polish and better whatever is here. This goes for my acts as well, at least two of my old ones will hopefully get a make over & polish in the coming year. I really recommend this instead of always hurrying in to making new ones, -sometimes dusting off works wonders.

Have a beautiful start of 2020 wherever you are!

Pic: Neil Kendall, dress: Olivia Rouge