Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I started packing today for the HBF festivities. Not an easy task when one has to include everything from workshop-material to performance outfit to evening gown/s avec. Tomorrow it all starts! I´m taking Angie Pontani´s workshop and on Thursday both Tigger! and Dirty Martini´s...Friday I´ll help Tink (I´ll be her roadie in the morning, she is making the set for the stage again this year) and then it´s all biting nails and getting ready for the show. saturday I´ll be Isis Starr´s workshop assistant and then straight to a photo shoot with Kaylin Idora but AFTER THAT ...I´ll do nothing but enjoy the show :)
I heard rumours that there would be a few tickets still on sale but you have to be fast, they will be sold out! Here is ere the inspiration for this years event roots from: Fritz Lang´s "Metropolis".

Seeya around! <3

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's a kinda magic

Today I have learned some magic that makes me want to RIP to pieces all my performance bra´s and make them new. Or at least parts of them. Too bad the festival is in a week haha! it´s magic. It´s a fraud. It is gimmicks. It´s showbusiness! If you want to learn the tricks to the trade take Alli Ruth´s class when in Hellsinki this Spring/Summer. I will tell you when it´s up, promise. It was GOOD. Your boobs will thank you.

Material. Anywhere you can get it for cheap. Even upholstery.
Alli showing how it´s done.
Massacre of the bra.
To stiffen things up. harhar.
Kiki, the organizer for this in Turku.
Pepper´s stuff. Such a lady, always goddamnit :)
Tramp more than a lady, I am.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Between panic and despair

Sorry guys and dolls, it´s been hectic since I got back. I have been trying to up my excersise-routines (after Berlin, quite needed haha!), do the coreo practice and work on my costume. Sometimes the grand ideas one has at the planning faze just ain´t working when tried out...and the first practice with the outfit usually tells you your faux pas´ so one piece of advice here: don´t do it the night before the show :) Usually there is some (read: a lot) of adjustments that has to be made. I´m really happy this week has been a vacation week for me!
Currently I´m somewhat panick-y, not totally but a bit since it´s one week to showdown and there is still A LOT to do. It´s back to work next week, -which is great! and the evenings are pretty booked with   everything from a fitting (new dress for the festivities, yey!), practice and then four workshops with Angie Pontani, Tigger! and Dirty Martini. It pretty much means I have to get everything together before Tuesday when I have my last time at Raspberry Fields...Oh! And those classes are already sold out BUT there is still place in the vaudeville masterclass by Mr.Pustra!!! Contact Helsinki Burlesque for more information. It´s unfortunately at the same time as Tigger!´s class so I can´t take both :(
Taking classes will cost you some but from my own experience I can say that it´s money well spent. You really learn from more experienced performers and even if you are not in to burlesque per se, but do some other performing (music, theatre...) I´m sure there will be something to work with since themes can vary from presence on stage to how to move and everything in between.
And talking of that, I have to get going. I´m meeting Tinker Bell for a final time to see that all is as it should be coreo-wise. Tomorrow  Thee Dizzy Daisies are going on a road trip to Turku to attend Alli Ruth´s ´how-to-make-a- performance-bra´- class. She will have one in Hellsinki later this Spring so if you are interested, take it! Performance-outfit IS NOT the same an lingerie!!!! If you are thinking about getting up on stage in that pretty HM bra, how blingy it ever is, -do think again. It will give a more professional and less cheap impression when you have done work on your outfit yourself.

Ok, off my soapbox again. Really wasn´t my point starting this post to sound so ...teacher-ish, sorry! but I shall be a good girl and have lost more of coffee and calm down. I think after meeting Tink I will feel better.

Leaving you with a song that really made my day! Ta!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Berlin, baby.

Sometimes it is just better to let pictures speak. Leaving this city tonight, a lot to be seen still and I want to see this in the summer. It has been really good, a nice break before the madness of HBF starts. Tomorrow I am back to rehearsing and sports but tonight I shall still enjoy the wonderful cookings of my friends here with wine. This place is somewhat enchanting <3


Thursday, February 14, 2013

In the mean time...

I have packed. 
I should say "packed". I don´t remember when was the last time I have thrown things in to a bad on such a whim to be honest :) We shall take Berlin by surprise, indeed. 
While I wait for Jirina´s photo´s from last Monday shoot here´s a "backstage" picture, me goofing around as usual. I hope to be able to post from Berlin, but if you hear nothing from me you should think the worst as in: she´s on a really cool trip! How can it not be! I´m not sure which one is in more need of this holiday and time together, me or the spouse. Anyway, hope you have a fabulous weekend and will get back to ya´ll latest next week!!! Be good (or if not good, then careful).

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting for Berlin...

I´m two days away from the trip to Berlin...and I´m SUPER excited! We are staying with good friends, that always opens possibilities to see parts of the city one otherwise might miss. Hoping to meet up with a Bunny as well. Vintage shopping, museums, night life but really just a holiday and quality time with the spouse is at the top place here.
Coming back it´s heavy duty work for the final things on my number for HBF and then the festival week kicks in with the workshops and excitement!!! There are still tickets availeable for Friday and it´ll be as good as Saturday so don´t miss out here!

Here´s a little something that I have been getting my Berlin feelings up with ... Ta!

Monday, February 11, 2013


In two hours one can go from teacher-chic to pin up. Trust me. That's what happened to me today.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carpe Diem

My blue, spandex-clad friend was right (again). All of a sudden I want to make a stupid reference to mothers always being right, but maybe it´s not that far fetched? Scotty the Blue Bunny has been doing and breathing burlesque since the Tyrannosaurus walked the earth (according to himself - I would never dare to say that. The rule of "don´t guess the age of a drag queen" also goes for spandex bunnies in my book)  so he *knows* his shit. So I took his advice, put down my phone and did not take one single picture of the show last night. There were professional photographers present. As usual. 

Last night was History in Making- an evening of all male performers in Hellsinki, three newbies on stage among a stone hard line up. Pun intended ;) It was living, stripping proof of that we have a pretty awesome scene going here!!! 

When I locate photos of performances I will beg, steal and borrow to get them, in the meantime here are some snaps from between the sets. Thank you everyone involved, Bettie and Epe for organizing, friends and performers for making a wonderful night! Love is in the air!

Thee Dizzy Daisies. I seem to have broken the suspender rule.
Sir Willy. <3
My friend who came to see burlesque for the FIRST time got a blue hug.
Pepper and Molla, revealed.
The Men.
More hugs.
Tinker Bell. She is so gorgeous even from behind.

Tink and Macha.
With Hedoluxe. This guy. No words <3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Wow, I´m really beat. Long day at work, long drive back and forth to rehersal studio, 1,5h worth of dancing.... I need sleeeepzzzzzz.....
It´s been Reveal Your Most Embarrasing Pictures-week on facebook. I think they call it "old pictures", so I decided to dig up some pretty nasty evidence of youth. I hated to be photographed and used to make any kind of weird face to make sure it looked...well. You can see for yourself :)

People who rehearse at our studio. If you need a place to dance/do theatre/whatnot let us know. There´s room for more peeps! Location in Lauttasaari, Hellsinki.
Today @ Raspberry Fields.
Our calendar that Tink brough <3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Things right now

Santa Monica, Kap Verde...next Xmas. Stolen from the interwebs.
Outfit HBF13.
More is more.
Glitter eyes to push winter away.
Feelings (from the book "Om ingen knioer mig i rumpan snart så går jag hem").
Cat. I think she is mentally in Havana.

Friday, February 1, 2013

All Male! One week to go!

Pic stolen from www.sewdishhousewife.com

Friday. What a glorious excuse :) I have done work, 3h worth of dancing (of which two with Tinker Bell working on my up coming number) and now I´m sitting with some sparkling wine and shitloads
(I´m teling you: LOTS!!! as in thousands) of glitter stones, tons of glue and trying to pimp that costume up. Not doing that grand, let me tell you. I´m pretty tired and the wine is about the only thing sparkly at the table right now.

Well, no need to be sad, though. That is, it´s exactly ONE week to go to the first time ever- all male performers- burlesque-event in Finland! Aatamin asussa -ainakin melkein is ON next week Friday at Ravintola Kaisaniemi. There will be the wonderful Finnish performers in new combos and set up´s and it does not stop there:  Hedoluxe from Hamburg will be shaking his thang and there is my favorite Bunny to host the whole extravaganza!!! Do not miss this!