Friday, August 31, 2012

Bring out the fire hose!

Few stars have been so controversial, so loved and so talked about still so long after their deaths as iconic Marilyn Monroe. While packing for my trip to Tallinn this weekend I´ve been listening to her songs and wanted to share this bit from the film "Niagara" with ya´ll.
She truly is gorgeous.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snaps from Saturday

Tonight I´m going to meet some friends and see some theater! The wonderful Antti Holma has put together a pay called "Johtaja" about power and leadership. It can be seen at Teatteri Takomo in Hellsinki and I do recommend you get tickets in advance! His "Rakastaja" aka Lover was brilliant so very much looking forward to this <3
Also wanted to share a couple of pics that has appeared on the interwebs from last Saturday. Plus, please go read Essence Revealed´s latest post on sexual abuse here. It seems that there is no end to women degrading shit coming out of the republicans mouths these days and it makes me sick to my stomach. Good answer, Essence. Even here in Finland we have men writing about how tattoo´s lessen the "market value" of women, as women were a merchandise. He also said that tattooed women are a "sure thing" which puts things on a very interesting level. I use the word "interesting" here as the British would do when meaning "fucking awful". But, away with bad thoughts, I´ll go put a dress on and head to the capital! Ta!

Photo by Jari B. Miettinen

Photo by Nina Bomboloni

Monday, August 27, 2012


Cold. I friggin´deeply dislike this flue season. I seem to have caught whatever version of it that´s out there... Blaaah!!! but what cheered me up was finding this picture of my behind taken by the oh-so-talented Adam Monaghan last Saturday. I´m also immensely enjoying the facial expressions of the public :)
Wollen socks, hot tea and honey and bed. I will not succumb! Have a great start of the week and don´t get sick!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Velvet Nights with Tea

A superduper thank you to Layla de Light and Rudie Ruthless for organizing last nights´amazing event in Helsinki! Huge thanks also to fellow performers and the audience, you rokk!!!
I usually stick to what I know style-wize- stuck in the 50´s tapping into the 40´s on occasion so it was good fun trying out make up and hair from a different era. My wonderful partner in crime, Pepper Sparkles, who is all about 20´s and 30´s style did my hair (thanks girl, now I can try it myself). I have been trying out different hairstyles for this particular number since the feather headpiece from Fiona Timantti creates certain needs and restrictions and this was the best one so far! Yippee! So even if this kind of flapper girl-hair would normally have the bun in the neck I had mine upper to fill a little gap between the hat and the head. I also love the dramatic eyes with glitter and lashes on both upper and lower lids.
Today it´s been less glamorous with gardening and that never-ending laundry business but I´ll live long with the ambience of last night. I´m also thinking about starting a fan club for Sir Willy Waterlily, sweetie you´re just a bag of chips and then some <3

Backstage at Wäiski with Pepper Sparkles, Bent van der Bleu and Sir Willy Waterlily

A well organized chaos...

Pinning then down!

Sir Willy and his magic boobs! (Sophie Le Sucre in the background)

Eye action

My favourite morning gown is from Victoria´s Secret

Posing with Bent and Frank Doggenstein...

...and photobomber Jac :)

With Pepper, who obviously is planning something evil! Art deco earrings from Hoochie Mama Jane.

Posing... My head piece was found at Morsmaikku

Thursday, August 23, 2012



This Saturday seems to be sold out for The Velvet tea Room burlesque at Wäiski but do come see me and Pepper in Oulu in two weeks, Saturday 8th of September! Cherry Le Bon and Oulu Burlesque is putting together a night of glitz and feathers, do wear some appropriate costuming- best dress will be rewarded!

Photo by Alexander Lazarevski

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New shenanigans

We just had a really fun rehearsal with Thee Dizzy Daisies, planning some fishy business that will air at the Finnish Burlesque Gala in October! Hurrah! I´m so blessed to have these crazy broads in my life! My first course for the Autumn of the sex. ed. will start tomorrow... a bit too soon I think since I´ve only been at my new job about a´s really tough to try to write instructions for a substitute teacher when one is hardly familiar with things one self :) Well, expect the worse and prepare for wait! I actually have total confidence in that all will go well thanks to some pretty awesome colleagues! So big love that way,too.
There are quite a lot of things bubbling under, I need to have a calendar-check with my sweetie to try to book in some "quality time"...yes, relationships do take work. Lots of it. Remember to share even those small things with the significant other/s, tell them also the good things (not just the bad) and do book in time for just the two (or three, or ...) of you. If you´re really busy have sex dates. Yes, you read me correctly. It´s not "unromantic". if you are in a situation in life where kids/work/stress/something else is making you tired and gloomy that´s usually the first thing to fall off the menu? Correct? And yes, one can be very happy without it. But for a lot of people sex is somewhat of a thermometer of the relationship and if it goes missing for a while one can start to worry.
So take out those calendars and book a date and a time. And please remember that "sex" is (or can be) a helluva lot more/other things than intercourse!!! Ok, Dr. Ruth over and out. Here´s the somewhat shabby pictures from my phone taken last Saturday! Ta!

My try for a new vintage hairstyle...

Thank goodness for Olivia Rouge´s hairpiece :) Dress is also by her.
Sweetie with Christopher Wonder


Christopher Wonder, the magician at work <3

Bent van der Bleu and his fantabulous peacock!

With Vera De Vil and Sandy Jungle.

Monday, August 20, 2012

About burlesque in Finland

There´s some good information about (the growing popularity of) burlesque in Finland. Please go read this link here!
As with a lot of popular things, there are a growing number of entrepreneurs out there, if you want the good stuff I highly recommend you do your research so you won´t be dissapointed.
I´ll post some pics from Fiona´s and Miia´s party soonish, for now have a great start of the week!

Me and Sandy AHOY!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where did my week go?!

Oh dear, one week has seldomly gone by as fast as the previous one. I guess that´s what starting a new job will do to you. I am exhausted but happy and if I don´t get my act together also late... Me and my love are going in to town tonight for the big birthday bash of two lovely & gorgeous ladies: Fiona Timantti and Miia Magia. It will be splendid, I look forward to seeing a lot of friends and some great burlesque! Christopher Wonder is in town so brace, brace :)
I hope you all have a great weekend and do remember to buy those tickets for the Velvet Nights next Saturday where yours truly will climb the stage in very good company! Ta!
P.S I found these pictures taken right before my first performance at Newcomer´s Night... I was SO nervous!!! The photos were taken by Rik Stavale.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adam in black&white

I was scrolling through my archives and found these photos taken by Adam Monaghan, -on a couple of occasions. The portraits were for a project of his and the flag-thing was when we were goofing around with trying-to-do-it-like-Marilyn in that famous shoot of hers. In this particular one I look like a poster girl for 4th of July, not exactly what we had in mind but a hoot and a half knowing his Brittish sense of humor and me being, well, not American. We were talking about taking some new photos soon, hope we can get our schedules to meet! 

Tomorrow I kick off my new carreer in a new place with new colleagues and new students, feeling good but nervous. I´really looking forward to the new challenges though! 

And on a burlesque-note: don´t forget the Velvet Tea Room burlesque that´s going down in a couple of weeks at the restaurant ship Wäiski in Helsinki!!! Tickets can be bought from Tiketti!


Me and Sally Vanilla at Glitter Grill...ages ago it seems :)

This is for all you Tea Bggers out there. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weapon of Choice

This Saturday finds me ran over by shitloads of STUFF to do :) I was just thinking that my weapon of choice for getting everything done is a) coffee and b) the sofa (for reading). Which made me think about one of the best music videos ever made: Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim´s "Weapon of choice" (funny, that). Just look at this brilliance!
P.S for some reason youtube only allowed me to add this video here. There might be better versions about.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turku Burlesque Weekend

Hey again!

There will be some fantabulous burlesque action in the wonderful city of Turku this Fall, more specifically 28.-30th of September! Workshops, events and glimmer so grab those boas and GO!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Good morning!

Before leaving for my yoga class and berry picking tourné I thought I would remind you that yes, even if it IS still summer and warm and nice Winter will be here soon. Too soon for some. But fret not! For all those Christmas parties going on you could have us Dizzy Daisies come perform for you to keep those chills away! If you are interested you could go to our website from here, theres e-mails etc or you could just e-mail me directly! We do solos, duos and trios and can put together a wicked tailfeather shakin´evening for you!

Photo by Atelieri O. Haapala

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sailorettes at Porispere 2012

Thank you everyone who made last weekend at Porispere so fun! Me and Sandy had a blast, - some sore feet for sure but that comes with the territory.
Friday was music-wise more up my alley with Marky Ramone and Turbonegro but I was positively surprised my Amorphis on Saturday. Fast metal music has never been my thing, more into the hard core (Helmet, Unsane, Crowbar...) and even found a Henry Rollins-look-a-like strolling around :) Also noticed some cute mohawks, corsets that must have been held up by the Holy Ghost (or tape) and just a pretty cool ambience of a summer festival. We had our little rum kiosk just by the main stage and Lord fatty kept us entertained in between the sets on stage, very cool.

As usual, there was a lot going on at the same time so hope some of you found your way to Ship Ahoy! at Tampere where my girl Pepper Sparkles among others (The Magician Christopher Wonder! Nooo! I missed it!) were performing. Next thing coming up is the Velvet Tea Room at Wäiski (Hellsinki) the 25th of August, come see us there! And if you are from Pori keep your eyes peeled for some burlesque action this Fall! I´ll post further info here as soon as I get it. I have one more week of holidays before I´ll start my new job... looking forward to teenage riot again :)
Have a good start of the week everyone!!!

With the Blitzkrieg boys backstage (pic: Sandy)

With the boss, Lord Fatty and Porispere Kilju... WTF?!? (pic: Sandy)

Thi guy wanted to have his picture taken with us. Here you go :)
Sailor beware! 
Ready to ROKK! Friday with DJ Lord Fatty
We had some pretty good looking bartenders working with us - thanks guys for all the help!!!
...leopard printed night gowns for both me and Sandy--- funny, that.
Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg <3
Saturday, heavy metal day :)
The Best Little Rum Bar at Porispere!
Sailorettes of Saturday! Ahoy! (P.S Sandys top and shorts and my pants are from Fast´n´Loud in Helsinki! <3)


Friday, August 3, 2012

Sailorettes & Rum!

On the road! Me and Sandy will be in the Sailor Jerry's rum tent at Porispere festival today and tomorrow! If you are in Pori come say hello! Lord Fatty will be spinning records!