Friday, June 28, 2013

Pride, in the name of

Tomorrow the Helsinki Pride parade starts from the Senate square at 1pm (13:00). I´ll be joining the Tom of Finland organization for the march, hope to see ya´ll there! All different, all equal <3

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Burlesque Assassins!

I´m SO thrilled about this!!!!

  • Tampere Troublemakers Presents:
    The Finnish Premier of Burlesque Assassins

    Enter the world of Burlesque and Espionage, Dictators and Assassins.
    Set in the 1950's you will be taken back to a time of the cold war and poodle skirts, of intrigue and jive.

    This will be an action packed evening featuring:

    The Finnish Premier of Burlesque Assassins.
    Followed with a live show that includes one of the film's stars:

    Xarah Von Den Vielenregen (NL)

    Joining her on stage will be:

    - Holy Curves!
    - The Valentino Sisters
    - Gigi Praline
    - Sir Willy Waterlily
    - Marie la Mint
    - Dixie Muffins

    Pick up:

    Maeu Darling & Jenssu Suicide


    T.T. Tassel

    Doors open 20:00
    Introduction to the film 20:50
    Film starts 21:00
    Live shows after the film
    (Limited ticket availability)
    Tickets 18€ in advance 20€ on the door (subject to availability)


Hämeenkatu 2533200 Tampere, Finland

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hay work!

It´s that time of the year again when people on farms are crossing fingers and hope for sun. Same here, we have asked people over to help today so we can pack in some 2000 hay bails but unfortunately it looks like we´ll get rain and have to do it tomorrow... Bleeeh! Let´s hope we get it done today - it´s much more fun to do with lots of people (than not). I´m driving up to Northern Carelia for just a couple of days as soon as the hay is in and by this time I´m counting days to our trip to Berlin-Wien-Klagenfurt! To get ya´ll in the mood for farmlife, here are some shots of me and Pepper, all taken by Emiliano Melandri.
P.S if you wonder my dress is Pin Up Girl Couture, Peppers is Olivia Rouge.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Backstage at Sinsational Spring Awakening

Because a picture says more than a thousand words :)  P.S will be in Berlin July 1st-4th and in Florida-area July 24th-Aug 6th- if you know of good things happening there, let me know!!!

Me and Lola Vanilla

Kitty Litter and the art of hair

Pepper Sparkles 

Vera´s amazing hair done by Cherry

Turrrbo-Cherry boosting Vera´s hair

Bettie Blackheart and the blue butterfly

With the hostess of the evening, Babu G.

Femmes Furiosos

Erochica Bamboo, Bettie & Minnie Tonka

Vera gone to Dallas. Or Dynasty?

Pepper& Lassi

With Minnie Tonka

Vera & Cherry

With Erochica <3

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Music! Video!

Yes, last Sunday I took part in Orkestar Bordurka´s music video shoot. It was pretty crazy :) Thanks Hannu, Sara and the gang! Looking forward to seeing the video when it´s ready!

Farmlife: location by our mailbox

Buying jogurt

Paying with a horse head (it´s plastic, btw!)


Bores yogurtlady at work.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sauna Open Air, once more

Greetings from Weird Weather Inc. I had JUST hung my laundry outside to dry this morning, when it started raining like CRAZY. Since that we´ve had sunshine, thunder and hayling. So odd. But alas, I am not here to give you the weather but a few snapshots from last weekend! Pics from the videoshoot coming soon... Oh! And very happy to announce that me and Sir Willy Waterlily will be performing at the Lainsuojattomat-theatre festival´s club 7th of September in Pori! 

At 11.10pm: a P.S: I stumbeled across this video that has gone pretty viral on facebook. I have to share it with you in case you´ve missed it! You know how I´ve talked about bodyimage etc, well this is right up there. And before you say it: yes, I know boys and men are having low self-esteem and issues as well but this is for all you wonderful women out there. Let´s remember to say something nice to at least one person a day, shall we? 

The gorgeous Olivia Rouge <3

Pepper, with attitude :)

Getting ready to ROKK!

My new outfit for Diamonds, made by Pepper!

After show on Saturday, chilling with friends.


Note backstage :) very pedagogic (NOT) haha!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you Tampere, once more! Xtra thanks to Anne for organizing, Jussi for the sounds and Jada Jada Improv for being the best possible backstage buddies! Remember the Lazy Titties ;) 
Drove back, helped Orkestar Bordurka with their videoshoot and NOW I´ll have a well-deserved footbath!

Not your typical metalheads? :) Finntroll playing in the background.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sauna Open Air

Hello again!
Gaaaawh, my computer is falling to pieces and this really is not a good time for that (if there ever is one). I´m SO crap at computer stuff...but I really need to get this sorted. Both the keyboard and trackpad are f***d up royally, text keeps disappearing and things get stuck etc. Lordee- technology is so nice when it works and SO annoying when it does not! So, another reason not to be so active here on the blog these days, sorry for that! My first "vacation" week has been busy busy busy and to continue the theme me and Pepper are driving up to Tampere again! We´re performing at the Sauna Open Air metal-festival tonight and tomorrow so if you´re there come say hello!  I would have liked to stay on Sunday to see Hardcore Superstar and Volbeat but I have to drive back because I´m taking part in a music video shoot for Orkestar Bordurka :) It´s a crazy Finnish band that do "balkan-style" music and origin in a country called "Borduria". This shall be epic haha! 
Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone and remember to enjoy Summer!

Pepper & me, pic: Jirina Alanko

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sunny, gorgeous Sunday to ya´ll!!! Greetings from Tampere, we had a blast at T.T Tassel´s 50th birthday bash! I do love my burlesque family <3 Thanks for being so...amazing!!! The amount of crazy, wonderful people that this journey has brought in to my life is very humbeling and I´m most grateful.
Huge congratulations to everybody who competed  and won this weekend in Las Vegas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame! The Reigning Queen- title was won by Finland´s own Loulou D´Vil and 2nd runner up was the gorgeous Sydni Deveraux!  Go see the whole list of winners and surely photos (soon) from 21st Century Burlesque! It´s a dream of mine to some year pack my leopard bag and attend, not really brave enough to dream about competing but I´d love to go and see this Big, Bad glitterfest.  SInce Vegas is not happening any time soon, I figured more Tampere would be cool. Burlesque meets metal music next weekend when me and Pepper are performing at the Sauna Open Air Metal festival, Friday night at the pre-party and also on Saturday - I´ll keep you posted when I get the exact times!!
Until then, I´ll be enjoying my first week of summer vacation with cooking for the approx. 15 peeps that we have helping at the farm during the busy season, practising and gardening. Midlife, I loves it :)