Monday, August 9, 2021


 Well this year has been somwhat of a s*itshow, hasn´t it? Everyone has been trying to keep up the good spirits but truth be told it´s been HARD. 

I hope EVERYONE and their cats are getting the vaccines so we could get back to regular as soon as possible.

Lahti Burlesque ry is having the annual Fall meet this week and I hope to be able to confirm stuff after that but as we all know it´s really not up to us... Restrictions are in as the amount of cases are on the rise again so we shall see how things go.

What I can tell you is that the burleskitanssi-course starts next week in Lahti and I hope I can teach the two courses back to back. You can get more information via Rock the Pole Lahti / e-mail. 

As for the shows keep your fingers crossed! AND GET THE VACCINES if you possibly can <3

Huikeat burleskitanssikurssit jatkuva Rock the Pole Lahden syyskaudella! ♥
Burleskitanssi kurssi 1: tiistaisin 17.8.-14.9.2021 klo 20:00- 21:00
Burleskitanssi kurssi 2: tiistaisin 21.9.-26.10.2021 klo 20:00-21:00 (HUOM! EI kurssikertaa 19.10. )
paikka: Rock the Pole Lahti, Vesijärvenkatu 27
kurssin hinta: 69€
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Pic: Neil Kendall