Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Have a great All Hallow´s Eve folks! I do miss the Halloween in the States, the dressing up and good partying (best one I attended was in Juneau, Alaska so far)...always was a bit too old for the trick or treating but as the farmer´s wife I certainly know about harvest festivities ("it´s ALL done!") and Kekri as the harvest fest is called here in Finland. If you´re in to the pagan Samhain, greetings to you as well. This witch is packing her broom and getting ready for some serious studying tomorrow at the sexual counseling course: these classes theme is sexual abuse, how to meet and help people who have been abused, and the laws about it. Hooyah. Not the easy cupper of tea let me tell you. I´m pretty exhausted as we speak and tomorrow will be 9h worth of it. VERY important. VERY needed. I hope I´m up for the task. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Party People

Scrolling through my phone I found some fun photos from the past weeks...Beautiful people, awesome parties <3 Now it´s back to work, work and no least for another week ;)

Sandy at Mascha´s & Max´s wedding last Saturday
Fiona rocking the Circus
Pirjo at the Gala
Ahem...with Olivia and Cherrie at the Gala...
Jac showing other ways to wear clown noses.
A bit more respectable ;)
Aleksis, nose.
Bettie´s Angels performing at the Gala
Baccara at the wedding...
Handsomeness, Aleksis & Sakari.
Bent with Aleksis at the Gala (Stella in the backgroud).
Tyra, nose.
Thee Dizzy Daisies wedding get up (the theme was black/white+circus if anyone wondered).
Lola getting all close, bus back from the wedding.
Very handsome Aleksi.
Lola, Sandy and Aleksi @ Hercules.
Going to another wedding in Fiona´s hat.
Me and Pepper @ Kokomo, Pirate Pleasures.
Allu <3 Sandy
With Rhia at the Gala.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finnish Burlesque Gala Backstage

Here are the backstage photos I promised :) I still have some from the audience but this will have to do for now since I have to get ready for Mascha´s and Max´s wedding! With a circus theme! Hurrah!

Drag Queen in training.
Lovely Kitty Litter, false eyelashes and red wine, yummy!
It´s tight and sweaty but we love it!
Vera D´Vil and Brion Bonaventura getting ready for the Savage Girls show...
Props for Lafayette Lestrange that got worn by Bent van der Bleu. Glad you´re feeling better Lafa <3
Kiki Hawaiji <3
Mimi de Silk
Bent. Who bent priesthood alright :)
Burlesque girls, you recognize them from vintage scarves on rollers :)
Mallas Athene checking out her amazing prop, mr. Pegasus
The beautiful Cherry Dee, so good to have you back girl! <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pirates ahead!


We´ve had first snow and I feel all Christma-sy (don´t ask, I´m sure it will pass...) but tonight there will be some hot stuff at Kokomo in Hellsinki to take thoughts away from the snow...Bettie Blackheart is hosting Pirates Pleasures, on stage the Hellsinki Hellcat herself, Frank Doggenstein, Tinker Bell and my girl Sandy Jungle. Showtime is at 9pm so see you there! All wo/men on deck or walk the plank!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tallinn and a pirates chest of goodies

I know, I know....promised you guys and dolls some backstage photos from the Finnish Burlesque Gala but that will have to wait. I´m giving you the Shopping Tip of the Century. I shit you not. Whatever (sub)culture you are in to I cannot honestly think why NOT to visit Karnaluks, the street adress is Hermanni 1 just about a 15min walk from the Tallink terminal. Trust me, I am not a sewing kinda person and I went MAD in there. I had not really understood what kind of a paradise it is, so next time I´ll do a very specific battle plan and bring a list of what I need. Even if I was just browsing I got stuff, beads, bling and feathers for at least 4 upcoming numbers (both solos and group numbers).
Apart from a good shopping day me and my girl Hanna went for a pedicure and did some strolling around the Old Town. My mother has taught me that one should take good care of ones feet and as usual, Mother is right. Especially if you are a high heel lover like myself. A foot bath and a home pedi are among the cheapest and most enjoyabel things to me (+ add a glass of wine) but I try to go to a professional treatment whenever possible. I have found that in Tallinn they are not just cheaper, but also nicer...the last pedi I had in Helsinki I had to listen to the woman moan about high food prices and shitty quality...not really relaxing, that. So I consider a girls trip the best of opportunities for such pampering :) So I can recommend the Day Spa, do call in an appointment beforehand. 
I have to go and empty my bags and have a shower, I promise to give you those other pictures soon.... 

Beaded things, one has never enough of those....
Dramatic, black...hmmm...
Tallinn Old Town
The loot
Somewhat tired due to only 3h of sleep last night, but happy!
Feather madness @ Karnaluks
Glitter toes!
Shoes. Duh!
For being so anti-pink in our regular lives Thee Daisies sure have pink in their numbers ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Salty Fish!

We got some showpictures taken by Jari B. Miettinen and I thought you might want to see a couple ;)
The song is "Salty Fish" by the Capital Beat, also a huuuge hug to our boy Rudie for being a part of this!

Confused kittens

Monday, October 22, 2012


I AM SO STOKED!!! So apart from today being CAPS LOCK DAY (...why do I know these trivial things? anyway, not the reason WHY I SCREAM here) I actually am jumping for joy because Bettie Blackheart announced the foreign performers for next Helsinki Burlesque Festival (March 2013): one of my idols, inspirations and all time favourites Dirty Martini is coming to Finland!!!! She is in pretty amazing company as well: Tigger!, Angie Pontani, Isis Starr, Anna Fur Laxis...the whole line up (minus Finnish performers) can be found here! The theme is Burlescopolis so if you haven´t seen Fritz Lang´s classic film "Metropolis" I suggest you do it now :)
I can´t wait!!! There is a lot going on before that, though. Just in the next week! Remember the Horror & Tease next Saturday in Tampere! Also next Friday there´s a club at Kokomo themed Pirate Pleasures (tickets from Tiketti) with burlesque performances from Bettie Blackheart, Frank Doggenstein, Tinker Bell and Sandy Jungle- I will sure as heck be there :)
Last, but not least, I wanted to share this beautiful backstage photo from Saturday by Adam Monaghan...I have no clue when he took it (concentrating on taking the glitter off my lips I guess) but it has the ambience of an old movie and I really don´t look like myself here haha! Have a great Monday!