Sunday, August 31, 2014

From one look to the fifth

I'm exhausted but happy! Making a show reel-video has been on my to-do-list for AGES and today we did a full day if work to make it happen with my super talented friends Asko and Nadja <3 Changing in to five different costumes, looks and performances was much harder than I first thought- keeping the fire burning for six hours was quite exhausting! But we did it and can't wait to see the final edit!!! From my red yoga-face this morning I went through at least these looks... ;) 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Super-duper thank you´s to Kiki Hawaiji for making Paljettipommi, to the the whole crew that helped out last night, the performers and the audience! Thanks to you my life sometimes is a glittering bubble I don´t want to burst <3
The FIRST Finnish burlesquezine can also be read online if you can´t wait to get the paper copy!!! Link to it here!

I´ll post some pictures later, right now all I can manage is laundry (WHERE does that come from?!?!?) and gardening... Hope to manage awake for a couple of more hours, it´s been a fun but pretty exhausting weekend (that´s what driving approx. 1200km in 24h wil do to ya...)

Have a good start for the week!

Photo: Kaylin Idora

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Roadtripping showgirls

With Tinx and Cherry by Bomba in Nurmes
Greetings from the road... Somewhere between Eastern Finland and Helsinki Tinker Bell, Turrrbo Cherry and myself are driving towards Wäiski and some history in making: the first Finnish burlesquezine will be released today and the party will be grand! Totally new numbers and collaborations as well as first numbers that haven't been seen for ages in stages! Huge thank you to the amazing power house Kiki Hawaiji for making it happen!
The ladies and I had a good time last night in Nurmes at the Drive In & Rock- festival where wwe shared the stage with Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts. I have a special connection to Northern Carelia since my dad's from there and I've spent many childhood Summers up there. It was nice to see Pielinen again <3 
Hope to see you tonight!

Jeena doing her pre-stage stretching :)

Risto, Olli and Ville from the band


Ready to rumble towards Hellsinki!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


The past week included some moments of pain, gain and fun including our weekly rehearsals and the hoop dance workshops I took on Wednesday (the pain was the huge bruise I managed to get on my hand from trying to manouver the hoop...) I can safely say I won't be a hoop dancer - it's much harder than it looks! but I was happy to be able to get it at least spinning a bit :) Thank you Merilei Mandelin!!! A week ago I challenged myself with aerial yoga which I loved and I've decided to cram in some Bollywood-dance classes this Fall as we'll! Noticing these crazy things keep me alert and inspired!
Yesterday I performed with my drag mother Lola Vanilla at a birthday party and today taught a great fun bachlorette class at Raspberry Fields. I came up with the coreo late last night (that's what happens when I nap; can't sleep and inspiration hits at weird hours...) -and despite a few mandatory cock-ups (teacher forgetting the steps ...) the ladies were awesome! 
Tomorrow is a well-deserved day off. I might work on my elbow-stands but then again... I just might cook and read on the sofa :) Have a good Sunday folks <3

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Mr.Williams

Robin Williams is gone and I am saddened not only because the world lost an amazing actor and a brilliant comedian but because depression and addiction took yet another life. I hope that this sad event will shed more light upon mental illnesses and help wash away the stigma of them.
Rest in peace, my Captain. You won't be forgotten. Much love to his family and friends in this difficult time.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good girls go to heaven...

...but bad girls go everywhere.

Tonight in Tampere the basement of Teerenpeli fills up with steamy burlyQ again! I can´t be there (sniff!) but you should definetly go! Remember: cash only at the door!

Bad girls of Burlesque

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sweet August nights

Teacherlife is back ON since school started this week but Summer is far from over! It´s so hot and sunny still that we should really all be lying on beaches with umbrella-drinks in our hands but what can one do?!? Next week Thee Dizzies will start training our new number that will premiere later this Fall and we are also brushing up on our solos! My "Zigoto" is far from ready (it really was a first draft at the Spring Awakening this May...) and my "Diamonds" Vol2 has finally gotten some stuff that I think works for the new songs. In a couple of weeks me and the girls will join forces to promote and celebrate the FIRST Finnish burlesquezine (magazine about burlesque) Paljettipommi! and the party is held at Wäiski in Hellsinki. The performers are some of the trailblazing ones in Finland and the numbers to be seen are some of the first ones these performers ever did! So some of them have not been seen for ages! I think this is a purrfect reason to get those tickets -that is, if you really need a reason? August is wonderful: dark, balmy nights...what better way to spend them than on a boat in glittery company?!?!?
New York is getting closer as well...we got flights and flat settled! Yikes and hurrah!