Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Practice and an epiphany

Yoga is really good for me. Today, while in class bending in all sorts of strange asanas I had several things pop in to their places, both in my body and in my head. My new Halloween number. Usable stuff for my upcoming workshop (made-to-order for a specific group of women). Plus I made my crow fly. Usually I´m more of a bug-on-it´s-back but i guess hard work pays off sometimes ;)
Today is Dixie Evan´s birthday and tomorrow night we shall meet at Dubrovnik at 7pm! Here´s a shot from last Sunday´s fleamarket. You can see both Tinker Bell and Cherry Dee on stage tomorrow night!

Tinks, Cherry, Sandy and me. Photo stolen from the Itty Bitty blog @

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dixie Evans Week

"Dixie Evans, The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque is the beloved Godmother of the new burlesque movement and during her birth week, performers and burlesque instructors from all over the world will host events, shows and classes to celebrate the life of this burlesque legend and founder of The Miss Exotic World Pageant. With shows and classes already confirmed in NYC, LA, Dallas, Toronto, Australia and more, this is going to be a bawdy burlesque-packed week in honor of Dixie Evans. Help us honor the woman who kept burlesque alive and helped make the resurgence the wild success that it is!" -Dixie Evans Week

This week burlesque communities all around the world celebrate the Godmother of Burlesque also known as the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque: Dixie Evans. Unfortunately I never got to met her personally but I can safely say that without her work and passion about keeping the knowledge and history of burlesque alive a lot of us probably would not be doing this today. I am, however, a proud owner of two signed photographies that I got from her a couple of years ago and those are some of the most valuable pictures on my little BurlyQ wall at home!
In Hellsinki we celebrate this Thursday with the movie showing of the short film ' Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival' that is about Dixie´s life and  'Burlesque Assassin' that had it´s Finnish premiere in Tampere this Summer but now premiers in Hellsinki. There is, of course, and a show afterwards. The Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2013 our very own Finnish Loulou D´Vil will be there selling her signature RED lipstick and all money goes to help cover Dixies medical bills and her last resting place. All info can be found on the facebook event !

If you want more info about the happenings the world over you should visit Dixie Evans Week 

Dixie <3

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pin Up Boys and Gender Rant

A few posts down I talked about gender roles (the spoof video of "Blurred lines" in which the roles were swapped, half-naked men and fully clothed women, to show the sexism in Thicke´s original video) and how we often take somehow for granted that it´s the female role to be objects and the male role to be the "viewer". Yes, yes I´m aware of the fact that we actually have more genders than just these two but let me cut some corners here.
You also, my dear reader, by this time must know that I have absolutely nothing against the naked body (male, female or something other) or that a pair of naked breasts won´t upset me. That´s not the point here. The point is how *it´s done* and how we keep up old, dusty gender roles if we never question them. Norms, those unwritten rules about what is ok behavior and looks. What´s wrong with the old models? you ask. Well, they are a bit unequal, would you not say? They keep up the image of only one kind of masculinity and only one kind of femininity and I dare to say that most of us won´t fit into those categories. And to not-fit-in makes one feel of less value, to feel ugly and to have low self-esteem.
To keep showing women as objects is something that lessens the value of feminine. To use "feminine" words to describe negative things (e.g when someone is a "pussy" or "a twat", not to mention the "bitches", "ho´s" and "sluts") and masculine ones for positive attributes (to "have balls/be ballsy", be "a man" or "dude"). Surely I have been on the subject before but as it never seems to become old (since there´s no change to be seen) I´ll keep yapping ´til you all just tire of me ;)
Feminism does not mean that feminine should be treated with more value than masculine. Feminism does not mean "men-hating lesbians" as one so often hears. I know a lot of men who are feminists. It´s simply because it´s about equality DESPITE gender. We are more than our sex or gender, unfortunately culture and history has gone the way that things OTHER than masculine are often perceived as "less" or "wrong" or silly, stupid, girly,whimsical, soft, emotional, gay or pick-any-given-word-you´ve-heard-to-describe-something-non-masculine.
There are as many ways of being "a man" as there are ways of being "a woman" and everything in between. Not all of us "naturally tend" towards playing with Barbies or truck-toys. I do believe that we are brought up  in a way that we notice a positive re-inforcement when we do something that society deems appropriate behavior for our gender. Most of us do this without even thinking about it. I´m totally fighting the urge to always compliment girls´dresses and try to compliment them on something they´ve done well instead, as well as trying to find something else to say to boys then just asking about how well they did in ice hockey :)  It´s not easy but it is doable. Society´s norms change slowly but one has to believe that at some point, small step by small step, we will get there. As girls has earned the right to wear pants without judgement, boys still are snickered upon if they wear a skirt. I hope this will change, soon.
Ok, rant over! But to pick your brain a bit further: go check out this fantastic site that shows "the feminine in men" here! I will leave you with some pictures of men posing as pin up girls do. I have posted these before but they are just too good NOT to post again ;)
Have a splendid Saturday!

Pictures from:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret

I just have to share this with you! Made me smile. I love these ladies!!!! And I´m happy and proud to call them my friends <3 GO GIRLS!

Surfin´Bird by The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fleas and markets and a bit of Restaurant Day as well

Making goodies on Saturday-night
Thank you everyone who came to visit us last Sunday! There could surely have been more people, but I think the Ravintolapäivä (Restaurant day) in Helsinki kept the people busy. Xtra special love to the very hungover young man who came because he had just looked up where the closest ravintolapäivä-cafe is and ended up leaving wearing my electric blue, sequined tailcoat! You made my day!!! Attitude is everything :)
Let´s get organized!

Red look for Raspberry

Tink getting her stuff

We sold sweet things for Restaurant day, all with raspberries. Here are raw food toffee and chocolate-raspberry muffins

Woop!  :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Burlesque Fleamarket Vol.2!

It's time to clean the closets again! Our beautiful dance studio "Raspberry Fields" turns into a flea market once again! Come and join us, you might find some treasures!

Bettie Blackheart, Alli Ruth, Millie Mimosa, Kitty Litter, Gigi Praline, Tinker Bell, Laura Luna, Cherry Turbo-Cherry Dee, Venomous Demise and Sandy Jungle are selling their goods!

We are also joining Ravintolapäivä this time! Shop 'til you drop & before you drop, kick up the blood sugar with our healthy and delicious products:

*SHOWGIRL SMOOTHIE - vegan proof power drink 2 €
*RASPBERRY BERET - home-made raspberry lemonade 1,5 €
*RASPBERRY DELIGHT - raw raspberry fudge 1 €
*BURLESQUE BITES - raw raspberry pastry 3 €

Coffee and tea 1 €/cup, but if you bring your own cup, 0,5 €/cup!
Changes are possible but delicious.
And remember to bring cash! We don't accept cards.

Vattuniemenkatu 15. Buses 21V, 66A and 65A come close. 

The picture has nothing to do with the fleamarket but shows my father-in-law as "Marjatta" and artist Tapani Kokko as Larri, the drummer/singer of punk band Hikiset Tissit (Sweaty Tits) at the Mallusjoen Mato&Makkara Punk Festival yesterday! I love my crazy family and friends <3 So stop taking yourself so seriously, enjoy life and things around you!  Photo by the amazing Emiliano Melandri

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 It´s been raining all day and there is a distinct smell of Fall in the air. I don´t mind much, it´s my favourite Season (although after our long winter the Spring does seem like a blessing!) and the colors to come soon are amazing! Work started and it´s been crazy busy- I try to look at one day at a time in my calendar since this week is pretty hectic. Long days at the "office" to get everything done and to get the feeling of actually "knowing what you are doing" after the long Summer break.
Tomorrow I have a gig with Tinker Bell and this Sunday will be Raspberry Fields Burlesque Fleamarket Vol2 - also with treats to buy since it is Ravintolapäivä (restaurant day in Helsinki). So take some cash with you and come find us AND some great second-hand at Vattuniemenkatu 15, Lauttasaari!

I was scrolling through some photos and found some of Emiliano took this past July. It was a warm day but the water was cold :) I´ll leave you with thoughts of that, a song and will continue to make currant juice and pickled cucumber...farmlife, what can I say!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, dispite the rain!

P.S the song is a great spoof of the original R.Thicke-video where women parade around more than half-naked. It was on the radio nonstop in the States, that´s why.
This version (with gorgeous Sydni Deveraux and Luminous Pariah, among others) shows quite clearly how blind we have become to the sexualization of the female body. And I do like the female body but the original video had me raising eyebrows...not very classy nor very funny. Just plain...sexist. So if you find yourself thinking *this* video is strange ask yourself: why is it OK to show girls in thongs and nothing else, but not boys? Just sayin´.

Pulling up a submarine was not included in the Sailorette training!!! (c) Emiliano Melandri

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Circus, once again!

Tampere Tease is here again, and how appropriately with the Circus-theme!!! My girl Pepper Sparkles will be performing there along with Miss Acrolicious, Jose Ahonen, Dahlia DarkStorm, Olivia Rouge and the Velikullat- bändi. Hostess with the mostess is Stella Polaire and stage kitten Poppy "BombShell" Red, DJ Willy! 
Get your tickets NOW! Facebook-event here!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Alright, folks - I´m back in business! Taking Care of Business, as all us Elvis´ fans say. Well, back in body but with the jetlag I guess it´ll take a day or two to get all here :) I feel relaxed and ready for a busy Autumn, because it sure seems to be one! I love the fact that I got to spend some quality time with my mother and apart from that the best part of the trip was the roadtrip we did to Key West <3
Some sad news caught me off gard during that holiday...firstly, my beloved girl, Paavo the Cat  passed away suddenly and the burlesque legend Dixie Evans ("the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque") came quite as a shock, too. With people around the world planning the Dixie Evans-week in August the money will now go to her hospital bills and to her resting place. Thank you Dixie for an amazing life, the inspiration and the hard work you did for the burlesque community all over the world! And Paavo: well I hope she has some sofas to scratch, akitchen sink to sit in and a flower vase to drink from - she was a marvelous caracter and will be dearly missed. For you who speak Finnish, I am quite aware of the fact that Paavo is a trad. Finnish boys´name but we tend to do a bit of genderblending at my house.
I have been catching up on my e-mails, if I have forgotten to answer someone please let me know since I have bubblegum instead of a brain today, and now I´ll go for a run to clear my thoughts and to think about a new number I´m working on with none other than the fantabulous Sir Willy Waterlily <3 I will leave you with some photos from the trip and warm thoughts. Have a great weekend peeps and yes, it´s back to teacherlife on Monday <3

My new motivational poster

Cruising Delray intracostal

Sunset in Delray

RIP Dixie Evans

White picket fences of Key West

The lighthouse in Key West

With some of the Key Queens <3

With the fantastic Marluxe Duval <3

Beachlife <3

A very Dirty Martini

One of the 46 cats with six toes that live at Hemingway house

The houses in old town, Key West take your breath away!

Selfie, a few days before going home. Relaxed!

Movie nights with mum. I do need this collection in Europe, so if you know where I can buy it...

Glassbottom boat sunset cruise in the Keys.

My new clutch <3

Friday, August 2, 2013

A quick note

As I thought, my vacation has been great AND I am not able to blog :) Just came back from Key West and I'm in love with that place! Special thanks you's go put to Jeremiah at the Lighthouse Ct Inn for taking so good care of us, the Key Queens ( you know who you are), Danny and his wife for a nice time at Aqua and last but not least Sean Mr-Ohio-New-In-Toon :) You'll do great! Enjoy! Seven more years and you'll be a freshwater conch!
I still have one more week to go here, then it's back home and back to work. Right off my arrival I have a few shows, remember that if you want burlesque or workshops me and the Dizzies can be booked! Have a great evening, peeps!