Saturday, June 15, 2019

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender

Las Vegas.

I really don´t know how to accurately capture the trip we did, mine & hubby´s first, to the (in)famous Burlesque Hall of Fame weekender that started out at the goat farm in Helendale and was moved to Vegas later. I´ve heard the stories and seen the photos but it still was pretty surreal.

I want to thank the organizers, the LEGENDS (I got to take classes with Camille2000, Miss Toni Elling & Penny Starr Sr. -just amazing...) and congratulations to all the new royalty!

It was both inspirational and educaional seeing all the showcases: Thursdays Movers, Shakers & Innovators, Friday´s legends on stage in Titans of Tease (SO many feelings that night!!!) , Saturday-nights Tournament of Tease as well as Sundays Icons & Allstars. Thank you everyone for sharing your magic and special love to our Finnish Tangobatics for a f-n amazing show!

It´s been a pleasure meeting old friends and making some new ones, having drinks by the pool, getting to make a photo shoot in old Vegas (thanks Neil!) as well as just enjoying Vegas to the full.

It´s a hike to get there (from here...) but totally worth the trip <3  Here´s some snippets, jetlagged AF still but riding high on the memories. KIITOS our traveling buddies Miss Acrolicous & Handsom Stark- you´re the bees knees!

At the Burlesque of Fame museum

Me & Miss Acrolicious with legend Judith Stein

Finnish family re-union with Ophelia Flame


Sgt DeWies, always a pleasure...Last time I saw her in Berlin 2018!

Best Samll Group winners 2018: Mara De Nudee & Alksei von Wosylius

The workshop of Camille2000 <3

Champagne Sparkles, Koko La Douce & Team Finland

THIS GUY <3 Isiah Esquire

With Chris Harder´s been too long, Tigger!

Photo shoot early on Friday-morning

Queen Inga (2018), Havana Hurricane & team Finland

Winner of Best Debut Dahlia Fatale, Bender Flames and moi.

Lou Saphire, Miss Botero & the Dick