Saturday, July 18, 2015


After a fabulous work/hoiday in Germany (super thanks once more to Sven & the crew at the Queen <3 ) it´s bak home and back at werk! A quick reminder: I know it´s still Summer etc but if you have a party planned that you´d like me / Thee Dizzy Daisies to perform the sooner you ask, the better the chances to get us are! The so-called "pikkujoulukausi" is here sooner than you can say Santa Claus!
In August there will be two (2!) Minäkin Kimmellän!- burlesque 101-workshops on Sunday the 9th  organized by Perhosvoltti in Tikkurila (Vantaa) so be sure to sign up via them!
September will bring us our new studio - Raspeberry Fields moved to the other side of the building in Lauttasaari, Hellsinki and is now Studio Shangri-La (School of Showgirls) where Thee Dizzy Daisies will be teaching burleskitanssi  level 1 classes on Mondays! Tinker Bell and Turrrbo-Cherry are teaching levels 2-3. There will also be other dance, yoga and pilates classes so be sure to sign up! More info here !

So it looks like a lot of planning ahead -I love it! I´m also working on my Dirty Dancing-tribute number as well as pimping up my old "black numer" aka Kiss of a shy girl- they will both premiere later this Fall AS WELL AS a new group number from Thee Daisies! Holy glitter, Batman!

Stay tunes and be sure to go and "like" my artist facebook page for updates and info!

(c) Emiliano Melandri

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Queen Calavera!

It's been crazy fun!!!
Tonight is the last night we perform at the legendary burlesque club in Hamburg so I suggest you skip Schlagermove and come see us if you're in town!!!