Friday, June 29, 2012

Teerenpeli Tease

Tomorrow there will be a fantastic vintage happening tomorrow in Tampere so if you are in those hoods you should definetly check it out! Also in July there will be burlesque at the Teerenpeli - restaurant (same city), here´s the banner to get you all interested :)


Oh, and come see me and Sandy tomorrow in Nastola go go-dance with the Dangermen! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mr.Murphy and me


All nice things happen the same day...this is Mr.Murphy´s law and it has been known to happen to me before. Next Saturday is the main Helsinki Gay Pride-parade but I can´t go because we will be in Nastola shaking our thang with the Dangermen. Not a bad option at all!!! But I want to go to BOTH which unfortunately is impossible. Oh well. If you are in Helsinki be sure to check out the parade. This week is Pride week and there are a lot of cool things going on. Go check out the link to everything here On Thursday 28th there´s a party for ladies only at DTM with the theme "Pin Up" and The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret will be performing <3 I´ll try to be there for sure if I´m not too tired from helping Sandy move :)

And if you´re NOT in Helsinki on Saturday please come see us in Nastola!!! 

P.S To make my day with Mr. Murphy just perfect... An afterthought which I just forgot! The same day there is a summer vintage sale in Tampere which you definetly should go check out if you´re in those hoods!!!  Do some serious shopping for me, too!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer pictures

Hello again!

I think I promised you some photos from my summer so far?
I´m looking forward to a busy week with Go Go-rehersals with Sandy because we´re going to be performing at the Nastolan rautalankafestarit with the Dangermen next Saturday. What is "rautalanka" you ask? Easiest is probably to read the Wiki-article here but if that´s not good enough you could watch this video by one of the most popular rautalanka bands of their times, The Sounds.

And here comes the pictures! Have a gorgeous Sunday!

Me and Pepper

Our puppy Elvis, she is a border collie but looks a little funny <3

Joleen and Jordan

Mutant rhubarb.

Me and the ladies at hay work. Well, having a break.

Traditional Finnish Midsummer roses.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Happy Midsummer!
Warning: this post includes very little burlesque! :)
During this season most Finns scoot out of the cities to summer cottages so Helsinki looks like a ghost town today. Not that I´m IN Helsinki, but I remember the confused look on tourists walking around the city trying to find any place open for lunch from the time I used to live in the city... It seems ages ago. Truth is we haven´t lived out here on the farm that long, only a few years but when one gets older time flies :) If somebody would have knocked on my shoulder at Lost&Found bar ten years ago and said that I´ll be a farmer´s wife and live in the countryside I would have had myself a good laugh and ordered another drink. But here we are.

Yesterday was a glorious day, sunshine and warmth just one of those Finnish perfect summer days. Which means hay work, no escape. We were supposed to get in some thousand smaller bails and that needs muscle so thankfully not all of our friends and neighbors had their Midsummer planned out and we had a lot of help! Thank you everyone! It´s so cool to see every year that good old "talkoohenki" (freely translates in to "spirit of voluntary work") is still strong among us! I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again: without my friends I am nothing.
Today finds us wary with some sore muscles and a happy smile so it suits this cloudy weather. Still very busy trying to get in all the bigger bails of hay before the rain (any minute now) but some BBQ is definetly planned out for later.

There are also a few other things that makes me happy today. I cracked up watching (again) the Muppets do "Mahna Mahna" (posted before here), our puppies who are being total brats, the fact that I´ve been together with my baby for ten (10!!!) years this Midsummer and my friend Emiliano´s great blogpost about drag queens and sports- you really should read it here. Emiliano is traveling the world and that blog is very cool...and not just because he has some nice photos and stories from the time he lived at our farm last Spring haha!

I´ll post some photos later on but now I´ll bid you adieu with these pictures I found on the interwebs that, well...summarize my weekend pretty good!

I need this book!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A good shopping day

"Fatidomen e ingen fröjd och pilikukkun e ingen leksak" one of my grandmother´s best friends used to say, in a thick Västranyländska accent.  It translates somewhat into "poverty is not a joy and the dingus is not a toy". I have lately been remembering this wrong and saying that *age* is not a joy! Well, that´s just wrong because I actually enjoy getting older. Parts of it, at least.
I don´t mind the wrinkles but when I get huge, sore zits AND have wrinkles I find that extremely unfair. That French woman who lived to be 104 or something years-old, smoked a cigar and drank a glass of calvados a day used to say that "I have only one wrinkle and I sit on it!" and this is the spirit
I´ve been trying to keep. Boobs, well. I´ve never was too happy with them. I was flat as a plank in my teens and used to pray to God for having big they say you have to be careful what you wish for! They started growing in my twenties and haven´t stopped since. There´s also that sagging aspect to think about these days but that´s quite OK. Thank goodness for that little thang called Victoria´s Secret, shhhh - don´t tell anyone! I also found a marvelous bra from Secrets in Lace (Bettie Page, in leopard print of course) that gives the boobs a fantastic sugartop-silhouette and makes my whole upper body seem somehow smaller. All in all I feel more at home in my cranky temple of dust these days than I did 20 yeas ago.
But the eyesight. Last Spring I had a lot of headaches after a work day and it took me a while to understand that it actually might have to do with my eyes! Duh! I´m so used to seeing properly that it really did not cross my mind, stupid is as stupid does. I realized soon that I need to squint to look at things further away and that reading something and then lifting my eyes to look at things further away took a minute of focusing to do. Yeah, I need glasses. Not a biggie, I think glasses can be one sexy accesory. But where to find those?!?!
I remember admiring Miss Indigo Blue´s cat glasses last February at her workshop:


But where can I find similar? The thing with me and real vintage, especially clothes, is that everything usually is way too small for me. A lot of the original 50´s glasses I´ve tried on have been waay too small for my face so I´ve given up hope. Until now! First of all: I found a great pair of (leopard) printed glasses in a small shop in Delray! They were not as "catty" as I had wished for but for sure have a vintage feel over them. Then my mother called me the other day saying she had found a pair of glittery glasses and that I should go try them on! And they fit! Perfectly! So I have now not one, but TWO pairs of wonderful eye-wear and don´t feel bad at all for having to wear them :)

Teacher look. Have to practice :)

There´s bling on them even if it´s hard to see in the photos.

I´ve also had a huge urge to go gay-clubbing tonight but unfortunately that has to wait :(
This has been playing in my head half the day so here you go!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sunshine State

After ten days in the heat I´m back home in a not-so-cold Finland. I´ve been doing laundry, cooking, petting the puppies (not my boobs, thanks Adam!)  and in between checking my calendar and trying to get my finger on things so to say. There are some nice things to look forward to show-wise, I´ll get you info as soon as things get settled!
Florida was nice. I never did get in to Miami but stayed in Delray, the Sunshine State was hot and humid as were some people there. From a night with Elvis (impersonator) to a day at the beach I had a good time hanging around with my 11-year-old nephew even if he kept singing "My life will go on"... I seriously need to make him a mixed tape with some serious punk and rock! :D

I will get back to ya´ll soon enough but now I have to get back to this domestic goddess bullshit. Ta!

Me and my super cute (and talented!) nephew <3

At the Colony hotel they had some awesome reads in their bookshelves!


Had to get this... Bettie <3

Soaking up the sun, the few days it wasn´t raining...

Vinyasa @ Colony hotel (YogaFox), such a great way to start the day!

Delray beach.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


This has been, what one could shortly describe as an "emotionally exciting" day. Waving good-bye to my students and colleagues and feeling very blue about that but then again I got that phone call saying I did get that job I applied for in the Fall so I´m really, really happy as well. I´m looking forward to new shenanigans and this means some security to my anal mind set. The firm with sex. counseling, cosmetics and burlesque is postponed for a while but not forgotten. It´s too good of an idea to let go!
Tomorrow, veery early (too early, I plant to spend the night with my soon-to-be-ex-colleagues) I´m off to Florida and just because of that I´ll share this earworm that´s been bugging me for a few days... Hope the weather is better in that part of the world! Ta!

Friday, June 1, 2012

(Almost) Summer

By Kaylin Idora

That word holds so much meaning for us who live in a place where we hardly see the sun for half the year. It also holds a special meaning if you´re a teacher. It´s not just that Summer means warmth and sun but it means that you get to unwind and maybe recharge those batteries...and yes, it´s needed. Last week I was talking to a lady who has not had a holiday in eight years. Eight! Ok, she has her own business but still not to have two days free after one another is pretty harsh. I had my first summer holiday since high school four years ago. Studying and/or working all the time it was either not possible money-wise or I hadn´t worked long enough in the place to earn any free days. I do realize I am in a good place to be able to say this and this is "a first world problem" so please don´t think I´m complaining. Hardly! Things could be so much worse.
These days I value time more and more so if possible I try to be home as much as possible and get stuff done here. Since I´ve been home approximately 48h per week for the last three years it´s been almost a bit stressful since "everything" has to be done in that time :) So yeah, I´m looking forward to Summer. That said I have to get back to cooking! I´m getting my students for a visit today (almost twenty teenagers) and I have promised them chili con carne. As you might remember in our house food is love so I started yesterday night with baking bread and now I have a pancake in the oven. I hope they´re hungry! Also, lucky me has a trip to look forward to on Sunday- Florida! Still, if you have good tips of what to do around the Miami-Delray-area let me know! Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend!