Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tähtisumu- Last Call

So many of Helsinki´s venues where there´s burlesque will close for one reason or the other -it´s almost like a curse!!! Dubrovnik, the legendary bar downstairs from Corona, will undergo some renovations and nobody knows what the future holds...So, I hope you have tix and will  join us all for the celebration of Frank Doggenstein´s (The Hellsinki Hot Dog) 10th burlesque anniversary and say a last, glitzy goodbye to Tähtisumua!

Tähtisumu Burleski-iltama
a very special edition

Sold out.
This club will be legendary with an allstar cast and also it will be the celebration of Frank Doggenstein's 10 years on stage.

Frank Doggenstein
Bent Van Der Bleu
Olivia Rouge
Bettie Blackheart
Hasard Le Sin
The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies
Randy of Finland
Thee Dizzy Daisies
Luc Pascal Pierre
Blue N' Bizarre
Mimi De Froufrou
Lafayette Lestrange
Tex Willner
Sin D. Skye

DJ Hot Fixxx
Assive Attack as the Starbunnies

Hosted by Bettie Blackheart and special guest Lamey Crackhouse

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pretty melted

(c) Adam Monaghan

I did a photoshoot at the beginning of the year with Adam Monaghan, it´s been years since we worked together! I´m loving the results, quite Lynch-like and not your average pretty. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!