Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to add here a photo of me in a striped bikini and a sunhat and a silver Xmas tree with tassels...but since the internet in this part of the world works on a whim, a definite maybe or maybe just insh Allah I have now been trying to upload those pictures for over an hour with no result.

So unfortunately we have to wait for better winds or something to post them here during my trip, otherwise you´ll get to see them next year when I get home!

So far Africa has been magical, I´ve been soaking up the sun and enjoying the hakuna matata. Next week we are off for a 3-day safari so keep your fingers crossed we get to see the "Big Five"... I have a feeling this trip will definetly be inspiring in the future.

I just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays, hope you have a fantabulous time <3

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Good morning! In the midst of packing for Mombasa I´ll share some pictures from Friday-nights´ Pussy Buffet. All photos are by the wonderful Jari B. Miettinen. Have a great Sunday <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Girls rokk!

And before you go all equal on me, so do boys :) But last night it was girls on stage, a very interesting and fun night. Didn´t get any pictures of the actual performances but I´m sure some will turn up later. 

With some dirty geezer <3

My girls <3 Cherrie A. Dorable, Tinker Bell and Olivia Rouge.

I look like I´m decapitated :D

The bestest Xmas card <3 Thanks Jac!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is all around you?

Tomorrow is my last gig before this stripper is having her vacation! I´m really looking forward to performing with some awesome burlyQ-ladies, meeting some new strippers and, of course, the fantabulous Lamey Crackhouse will be there! The event is Pussy Buffet and you can read all about it here. If you ever wondered if there is a difference between traditional stripping and burlesque I recommend you come figure it out! It´s time to shake those prejudges out the door!!!

Then I shall start packing my bag with my new Tyra Therman bikini, some summer dresses...I´m actually thinking (for the first time in a decade) NOT to pack a single pair of heels but we will see how that goes :)

Leaving you for now with this funny little jingle from a real feel-good-movie. Kiss <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last practice before Xmas

Spent some time at Raspberry Fields tonight <3 I went through my "Tahiti" routine that I´ll do at the Pussy Buffet next Friday (and got the neighbor knocking on the door: apparently my music was a bit loud and the poor guys were still working! Oops! But seeing his face when he saw me open the door in my fruit hat and bra made it totally worth it :) 

Rehearsing in this cold weather is an art form. Here you see me wearing pantyhose (some 40 denier, sexy, indeed) AND Tyra Therman´s wool/silk hosiery that´ll keep your bum warm and cozy if you need to wear a skirt this time of year. Or strip by yourself. Very glam. The hat still gives me trouble: try to move elegantly and sultry while having plastic fruit, empty cans and other random stuff attached to a turban. I should take a course from some tribal women who balance stuff on their heads like they were born with it... I have to superglue it to my head! or, as Pepper suggested, get a headband inside and sew the hat to it. We will see.... 

I will be gone over Xmas, maybe I´ll be able to post from far, far away...maybe not. But I´ll try to get in here before I go! Have an awesome week <3

This is the backstage before the glitter :)

Fruit hat with some new additions!

Trying on the stuff for my new number "Kiss". LOVE the hat by Fiona Timantti!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Daisies website!

Thee Dizzy Daisies website is up and running! Go check us out here  !!! Much love!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One busy Saturday

Olivia Rouge asked Thee Dizzy Daisies and some of the Itty Bitty Tease cabaret girls to model for her clothes at the Ofelia market yesterday.  We were happy to oblige since her clothes are sooo pretty! Later that night I went to the Newcomer´s Night at the restaurant boat Wäiski: the same place I did my debut at last year. What a night! So much talent! And so many laughs with good friends. I was out and about for almost 24h so today has been a bit gooey but I want to share with you some pics from yesterday. Oh by the way: I didn´t take any pics of the acts last night because there were professional photographers present and I really just wanted to enjoy the shows :) I´ll link the flickr-pages to you later! Next year NCN will be at Tampere, so if you´re thinking about maybe performing....  ;)

Hot rollers are one of a girls best friends.

Brion Bonaventura backstage at Gloria.

Backstage: Sandy, Pepper, Olivia and Kitty.

The very pretty Kitty Litter1

Tinker Bell <3

Trying to get a group photo...Sandy is somewhere getting a camera...

...cheking out the result? Critical faces :)

Check out these gorgeous clothes! Order yours here ! Photo by Sandy Jungle.

I absolutely fell in love with that shirt...

...and Onni the cat fell in love with my tull-underskirt ;)

Brion, Pepper and Titania Hill (who performed) at Wäiski later that night.

It´s so nice to be man-handled... Jac and Em being funny.

Pepper looks concerned and Bent looks... surpriced? Innocent? (as if!!)

Mr. Em Erald got some junk in his trunk (hands will remain incognito).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

One year of my life

One year ago I performed burlesque for the first time. It was at the end of October and the event was Helsinki Burlesque´s Newcomers Night at the restaurant boat Wäiski. I was nervous, anxious and excited... and now looking back I can´t believe it´s only been a year! I´ve met *so many* wonderful people of whom some have become *really* close friends, I´ve been invited to parties, performed in fun locations and got so much positive feedback that it really is very humbling. It´s been a good year. Thanks to Bettie Blackheart for being the soul and heart of Helsinki Burlesque, thanks to all you glorious people who have taken me in so generously and helped me on the way and thank you Sandy and Pepper for being my girls!

It has been a mad ride and it has just begun! Now I hope you all have tickets for this Saturdays´Newcomers Night where we have a chance to meet some new, glittering talent!

On stage: Viola Theon, Millie Mimosa, Miri Kosminexus, Lucy & Vivian, Ruby Sapphire, Heat of Glamour featuring Lippy Honeybun, Tex Willner, Candy Stripe, Miss Corahzon de Sugar, Venoumus Demise, Dorianne Grimson, Irma Carrot, Wivian Wondrous, Titania Hill, Mimi de Silk, Drag City Royals, Mary Rose, Tellervo Rynnäs-Kintukas, Mia Li Moon, Shae Pistool. 

I´ll see you there! <3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


If you´d give me the permission I would tell you the story of how I came to be. But I won´t :) We all have those right? Or at least you´ve heard the stories. It´s an sperm meeting an egg and after some biological mischief there was an embryo and then this screaming baby. I´ve heard that small babies don´t see anything but basic linings; they recognize their mother by smell (milk) and that in the 1950´s
scientist´s actually believed that babies don´t even feel pain. Thankfully today they know better.

It was my birthday yesterday. I was born the year ABBA won the Eurovision song contest with "Waterloo", Charles de Gaulle airport opened in Paris, there was that little incident of Watergate, famine killed millions in Africa (has something changed? and if not - WHY not?), Pompidou died in France (not the mistress of the SunKing but the French president), Lucy (the skeleton of a hominid) was discovered in Africa putting our human race history in some order and the Great Gatsby was a box-office hit. And then there was me.
I won´t make a mark like 'write an iconographic song' (I try not to sing because I feel sorry for everyone who has to listen) nor will I (probably) be 'involved in some iconic political scandal'- BUT.... as we all, I hope that my little effort here will have made a difference to some.

We all leave a mark with those we have cared about and with those who have cared about us. Today it´s made easy: I can write a blog, I could post my stuff on many pages on the interwebs and have my thoughts and actions recorded for the posterity with quite little effort. The good, the bad and the ugly. As in: Clint Eastwood would open a can of whoop-ass anytime he sees one of those! Sorry Clint. As much as I know that blogs can be a masturbatory puking of ones guts I also recognize the happiness of spilling out ones guts for *someone*. There used to be snail-mail (this is an official apology to all of my friends between 1991-1999) and then there was e-mail...This before the world of "I´ll-be-with-ya-all-over-anytime-whenever-social-networks appeared). At least it won´t take me two weeks to get an answer back from ya´ll as it did when writing letters from California to Finland in 1994 ;)

Facebook is wonderful: I have had so many friends wishing me a HBD today it makes me humble and happy. No really, I´m not being sarcastic (for once).  It´s marvelous. With my goldfish-memory it also really helps to have your friends birthdays on display.
I had my parents-in-law wake me up today- they appeared with a bottle of sparkling and sang for me <3 It´s been a GOOD DAY. I´ve tried to *not* read about war, misogynists pouring acid on women in Afghanistan, intolerant middle-aged white men being upset about gay people dancing at our
President´s Independent Day Ball and not going into news sites where people can "comment" on stuff.
I´ve been a Good Girl.

I got some dresses from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown and they are lovely <3 Good timing, b-day and all ;) Plus I ordered two signed photos of the legendary Dixie Evans! If you want to do the same, the site is: Dixies Burlesque. We even had our first snow, it really starts looking like Xmas!

So HBD all people who celebrate your births in the beginning of December (Rudie Ruthless- you´re the man!) I´ll spend the afternoon at Raspberry Fields and then my wonderful Mother has promised to cook Independence Day dinner, how nice is that? Kisses and fairy dust upon all of you lovelies!

My package! Two dresses, one bolero and one shirt <3

A very poor try for a pose after 2h of work-out, bad-hair-day and all...but the *dress* :the Peggy dress <3

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful words

We got this amazing message from (the quite amazing himself) Sir Willy Waterlily. He told us that a friend of his had wanted Thee Dizzy Daisies group-photo,
 - not for herself, but for her daughter. To show this little girl that there is not only one way to look pretty, to teach her real values and a healthy self-esteem.
HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?! Pepper, Sandy and I were blown away.  

So, to celebrate this I´ll post the photo again. And add one funny one of us as well. Thank you, whoever you are who said this and huge, huge kiss <3 We promise to do our best to be role-models in the future as well.

Picture by Saara Salmi
Picture by Saara Salmi

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Tuesday Night...

Tonight Thee Dizzy Daisies got together for some planning and while getting our brainstorm going I finally got some more bling done on my solo-outfit. It takes *a lot* ...This collar in the pic here for example has been slowly but surely getting rhinestoned and sequenized (nice new word there) and I still don´t see an ending... More is more...

The "cape" has eaten so far approx. 200 Swarovskis. But who´s counting, right?

The lovely Sandy making her mistletoe for her Yule-a-go-go-gigs in Porvoo. Kiss, anyone?

This was supposed to be a pic about my new frilly-pants but I think the hm, Brian Setzer gig-shirt takes the price. Also nice with the red Victoria´s not-so-secrets showing :D -it´s so glam ya´ll!!!!

And just to show you I could pose even before I got into burlesque: this one´s taken about 10 years ago at a 80´s party. Pretty. Suits these Holiday-times since I look like Santa´s little helper.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

It´s Thanksgiving weekend and even if it´s not celebrated here in Finland my thoughts have been somewhat "thankful". I had a wonderful dinner with friends on Friday, I´m finally over the flue and today I lighted the first candle for Advent. Four weeks to Christmas! Time flies. This time last year we had loads of snow, now it´s all grey and *wet* so I´m really looking forward to our Xmas escape to the sun.

I´m also really thankful for laughter. Humor is such a funny thing, ain´t it? And with friends that really becomes all-important: if you share the same kind of humor you´re set. Same with your lover, I guess. Laughter can be such a private thing, it can be misinterpreted and used for hurting feelings as well. But a good shared laugh is one of the best things in life. That´s why as much as I love those classic burlesque-acts I really, really enjoy when I get to see something that makes me crack up!

What really made my day was finding a link on facebook about the best musical acts in The Muppet Show.  Pure brilliant anarchy! So here, to make your Sunday-night: Mahna Mahna - a song by Piero Umiliani that was originally used in an Italian softpornish "documentary" about Swedish alcoholism, suicides and sexuality!!! This version really made me laugh!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 ...when I´m bored I think about how it would have been to run away with the circus.

But then again... I do like some stability and I find clowns to be a bit scary (for this I blame Stephen King´s novel "It" which changed my perception on clowns forever)...

 I have found my crowd of "strange people" with whom I feel very at home. People, who are very hard to label "this or that" and who aren´t afraid to be themselves, who courageously fight for equality, brother-and sisterhood and love  -and who all in their own way believe in tolerance and respect of all things different.

Photo by Adam Monaghan
You know who you are and this is a big virtual hug and kiss to all of you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time-travels in bed

New York, New York.

Here are some pictures taken by Charles Cushman in 1941 and 1942 in the City that never sleeps. Put on the Tom Waits song and dream yourself away. You´re worth it.