Sunday, April 27, 2014


What a weekend! Thanks goes to a lot of people for organizing, helping, company and support so thanks to Molly, Tinker, Cherry and Kiki and the people in Monk, Turku -both on and off stage! 
I just got home after driving for 4h, thank goodness I have been laughing and gossiping in great company (thanks Cherry Dee <3)  but now it´s time for unpacking and sauna and organizing stuff for next week so I will leave you with a few shots from the Bond-themed party me, Cherry Dee, Tinker Bell, Molly Moonstone and the Shangri-La howgirls performed at on Friday! More to come soon...

Before/after, time in between 2h :)

With Tinks!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

                                   Hope you have a relaxing and sunny Easter time <3

Debbie Reynols with Bunny

Lilian Harvey in the 1920´s

Photo: Austin Young

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(First time!) Performing in Turku!

Turku, you shall be mine :)  Come see me, Cherry "Turrrbo-Cherry" Dee and the Candy Carousel girls shake our tailfeathers at MONK Saturday 26.04.2014!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend, hurrah!

As much as I love Spring, there is a certain amount of stress to it. I stress about the day-work stuff... correcting, grading etc. It all piles up -in heaps- and the deadlines are right around the corner. The "garden" that is revealed from under the melting snow is a mess. We had serious yard work (path stoning etc. ) done last Summer and half of my front yard is missing a lawn at the moment not to mention the HUGE pile of stones that need to be moved in to our "terassed" backyard. This will be the 40th ton of stones and the 4th (and hopefully last!) time I have to ask friends over to help with it... The sunshine gets me all worked up but very tired at the same time, if it makes any sense at all? No? Didn´t think so.
This weekend will be funfunfun though! Tomorrow I´ll take a head-first dive in to that mess of a garden and then I´ll drive to Hellsinki for some crazy Springtime witch-y burlesque at Wäiski! You should come too! Link to Nakubaletti esittää: Kevätuhri is in my previous post!
On Sunday I will have all my girls here as we´re recording proper videos of both our Aurora Borealis and Crazy Kitties-numbers as well as posing for pictures for Asko Rantanen! It will be goooood <3

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend, enjoy, relax and have fun! I´ll leave you with this video of dance moves that just made my night!

The worlds most spectacular dance moves

Monday, April 7, 2014


The snow is (once more) gone and I´ve been planting stuff in my garden as well as gotten some new garden furniture -yay! Spring, probably my favourite season...but then I kinda like them all :)
This Saturday there will be a celebration of this fantastic season at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski in Hellsinki. The place is special for me for many reasons, not just because that´s where I took the burlesque stage for the very first of the lovelies I met that first time was miss Titania Hill, who will perform this Saturday - along my own Pepper Sparkles and Sir Willy Waterlily  and many more <3 I´m trying my damnest to be there and so should you! Tickets can be bought from Tiketti and more info can be found on the facebook site  Nakubaletti esittää: Kevätuhri.

Springtime at the farm... with Pepper. Photo: Emiliano Melandri