Friday, January 31, 2014

Lahti Pride Party!

Tomorrow I am honoured and proud to be performing at the first (hopefully annual) Lahti Pride Party! Unfortunately I won´t be able to march since I´m helping my sister with her move but me, Lola Vanilla, Abortia Cliniqué and Mr. A. Le Coq will be sure to give you a fantabulous drag/burlesque show at Tivoli later tomorrow night! I hope to see you all there <3

Me and Lola Vanilla at the Helsinki Pride Parade last Summer

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Sometimes all it takes for raising the blood-pressure is an article. Today my blood pressure hit the roof due to a story published by 21st Century Burlesque about an Alabaman judge who banned burlesque performer Ida Claire from doing *anything* burlesque in order for her to be able to keep the custody of her kids. First, when I looked at the article -maybe due to the old, black-and-white-photo, I thought this is something that has happened in the past but NO. It´s happening now, way into the 21st century. I am appalled and annoyed. Please read the whole article here.
I cannot believe that women are being penalized for their sexuality ...I don´t know what word to put here...again? STILL? I have been talking about the subject of both norms and gender on several occasions. In the rant about "teacher goes burlesque" there also is a bit about motherhood and it still blows my head off to think about how extremely narrow-minded people are!!!! I have a gnawing feeling I shouldn´t be this surprised, then a pang of "I knew it dammit!" and then it just leaves me de-flated and tired and pissed off that this is as far as we´ve gotten as a human race.
I´m off to work this annoyance off at my yoga flow class. Please stay open-minded, wonderful and work with me to end the madness! Let´s work work for equality!

Trying on my annoyed face. Photo: Adam Monaghan

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fairy lights and disco balls

I have had a pretty clear image in my head about what my next numbers´outfit should look like. Today I went to a fabric store and the stuff I ended up buying is ... nothing like what I had planned! My albatross will look like a gigantic disco ball :D
Talking about fairy lights. I took down our Xmas lights (you know, the ones that *clearly* are seasonal) and bought today some colored fairy lights that went right up to brighten this darkness! They will hang there until the days get *obviously* longer...which means Easter or something. I blame Turrrbo-Cherry Dee and Tinker Bell for teaching me this craziness with fairy lights ;) -our rehersal studio looks fantastic with them!
Sandy had found this photo or Thee Dizzy Daisies taken at HBF´12 on the interwebs. Unfortunately we have no clue who is the photographer, so if you are out there and see this: let yourself be known! We love the shot!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Huge thanks to Lassi for helping me sort out this blog! I have been wanting to do some updates here, mainly gallery, dates and bio and I hope this will serve you good people better! Also added short descriptions of my numbers that will hopefully make it a bit easier for booking yours truly :)

I´m off to yoga but before that I want to send HUGE virtual hugs and congrats to my girl Pepper Sparkles and the ever so handsome Sir Willy Waterlily for getting in to the London Burlesque Festival! I love you both <3

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The sun is shining and it´s Sunday, so many things to feel happy about. I got some really exciting news about future gigs today -will keep you posted as soon as I can but for now let me just say it´ll be FUN :) Also branching out a bit... which honestly, I have wondered why I haven´t don´ that before but I´ll explain later.
Since people often focus on the negative things in life I thought of making a list of things and stuff that has made me happy or made me feel better in the last week. I haven´t written a diary in *years* but in the old ones one can find these "best-fight-now"-lists quite frequently. It´s strange how just reading that list makes me have huge flashbacks about what was going on in my life (and my head) back then. Usually I try to go by Woody Allen´s motto: "Happiness is overrated, I´d settle for a piece of mind" but today I feel more happy than just content.
On the list of last week has been: snow, hot yoga, friends, laughter, New Sherlock Holmes, Therapy? (the band), cats, puppy and sushi.
What´s on yours?

Photo: Atelieri O. Haapala

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday inspiration


What a weekend! Kiki hawaiji got married to her Miro and it was a fantastic Soviet-Space-Star Trek goes folklore-wedding <3 Congrats you sweethearts, once more!

This Monday has been saved by three things: a nap, hot yoga and a video of the coolest kid EVAH dancing. I´m so in awe, it´s so inspirational! That´s why I want to share it with you: you´ll feel so happy after watching it, I promise :)

Link here !!! have a great beginning of the week!

Me at the wedding, photo by Tuomas Lairila

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lahti Pride´14

Hello good people!
Another week has passed, it seems that Winter (definetly maybe) caught up with us, which is a nice thing. You can remind me that I said that in march when the snow seems never-ending... :)
Usually the Pride-festivities are organized in the Summer but the city of Lahti makes a nice exception of the "rule"having it in February! Me, Lola Vanilla and (at least some part of) The Finnish Blonde Burlesque Troupe are happy -and pround! to be a part of their ending party on Saturday the 1st of Feb at Tivoli in Lahti-city! So if you are around, come support a good cause and say hello! Information here and they also have a facebook page for the party.
Tomorrow it´s a roadtrip to Turku for a fantastic wedding, I hope ya´ll have a great weekend <3

Photo by Pin Up Helsinki-team <3

Friday, January 3, 2014

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014

There is NO time to waste if you want to be a part of the glitz & hooblah of the annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival: the tickets are selling like crazy so I strongly suggest you get yours from Tiketti as we speak! A wonderful line up once again...can´t wait to see Kitten de VillePerle NoireJett Adore and a whole bunch of other lovelies! Not to mention: our favourite Blue Bunny is back in toon <3