Friday, November 30, 2012

Pantertanter 3!

We are on our way to Oulu! True to... Ourselves, the most popular print today IS... *drumroll* :)
Hope it's not going to be too bumpy of a flight, we've had quite a snowstorm!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy beez

This Friday Thee Dizzy Daisies will be shaking our tailfeathers in the Sinsational Joulugaala in Oulu. Heard it's sold out!!! Wooppe-doo!
Xmas-times it is so red lips and these cute lights at our studio are just right! Seeya soon!

The Devil in Miss Jungle

Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Gramps is one of the babies, his dad is the stern looking guy in the moustasche and sword, his mother next to her husband.

My grandparents.

Granddad with my mother.

As I remember him best.
If my grandfather was alive, he would have been 106 years old today. I mentioned him in a previous post this Fall, and now when my sister dug up some more old photos I can´t help but share them with you. The photo of my grandparents on the beach (in Estonia before WW II) was a part of my wedding: that picture on one side of the entrance, my hubsters grandparents on the other. Gone, but not forgotten.

I´m still re-couperating from the weekend, didn´t get to bed last night in time (what IS it with Sunday-nights?!?) so this morning I felt like I´d been hit by a truck. The teenagers were awesome, though. I have so much to do in the upcoming weeks that these kind of "survival days" as I call them are just not aloud. You know those days when you´re just happy you survived but did not accomplish anything? Yup, that´s me today. And my new number for Teerenpeli Tease needs to get done asap, we´re off to Oulu and the Sinsational Jouluaala this Friday not to mention heaps of stuff that needs to get done at work before Xmas..... So, tonight I will get to bed at 8pm and from tomorrow I will be the Duracel-bunny!

I know I will probably regret saying this at some point, but I wish we had´s so dark and wet and damp outside.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pics from Pori, one.

Home again! A little less glamorous, but fortunately there's Hercule Poirot on the tube and a loving cat to keep me company while hubster is still in Hellsinki. They, as in the band The Capital Beat he plays in, had gigs this weekend too so our little family has been busy indeed :)
A huge thanks goes out to my girls Olivia, Pepper and Cherrie for being such amazing peeps! I love you! And you are crazy!!! Which makes me love ya even more. Also a cheers to the handsome mc and musician Julle, who did a great job! What a voice *sigh*
Last night we also got to meet Veera, whos blog Tyyliä Metsästämässä and her post has stirred conversation and press last week when she posted about how some people take it upon themselves to be mean and comment on peoples looks on the net. It's an important issue, so do peek in (in Finnish only, sorry). Veera, thanks for a really really hilarious night!!! You ROKK! <3

Here's some pictures from Friday for your Sunday night pleasure ... I'll get back to the glam life of a burlesque starlet aka doing laundry and emptying the kitty litter box :)
P.S Saturday pics coming later...

The Holy Curves! run through
Mouse in danger!
Food! It´s so good to have ladies around you who share the love for all things good to eat!
See? We even got the BAND-menu! :D 
Making of: stunt fish. We forgot the real ones in Hellsinki so improvisation rulez.
More run through...
SOLD OUT! Both nights!
Rollo, our bundle of love.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Greetings from Pori! Tonight was so much fun -and sold out. Rumor is, there are still a few tickets left for tomorrow so get yours if in town!
Thanks to the audience and organizers! Oh, and to all you folks that asked about classes: Burleskinstituutti is the place to find good, professional and fun teachers! (link found at the side of this page ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pori once more!

Just a reminder: me and Pepper will be on stage with the the dangerously curvalisious  Holy Curves! in ravintola Kulttuurikulma, Pori this weekend! Shows on both Friday and Saturday!!! Hooyah!

With Cherrie A. Dorable and Olivia ROuge aka The Holy Curves!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes patience is the key word. "Time" being the other. And right now I lack in both... I really have been wanting to pimp my first ("Diamonds") outfit since there is some wear&tear to it, shoes I got done last summer and now it's time for the bra and panties. Due to my cock-up in ordering rhinestones on the web I had quite a few bags come in mini-size... Which tears on my patience since it's supposed to be done on Friday.
SO: here I am, glueing mini-thingies into "paisley" shapes and actually enjoying myself tremendously! This, my good peeps, is what burlesque can do to you: you find traits in yourself that makes your own mother ask "who are you and what have you done to my daughter". Yes, she did. I was never too patient nor did I enjoy handicrafts. And look at me now :)

Oh well, here's what I mean...

Orange ones are "regular" size (20), the small ones are the cock-ups.
Goodie bags.
Half done, before & after

Small, smaller...NERVES

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pantertanter 2

Thank you everybody at Newcomer's Night!!! Stella Polaire & Lafayette Lestrange -I blame you that my face hurts from laughing! Me and hubster had a blast last night in Tampere, a huge hug to Rhia and T.t Tassel for having us :) The show was brilliant, congrats to all new starlets!
I sported my great auntie Lempi's leopard print dress and went 60's with hair and make up. I'll post some party pics later...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Pantertanter = Pantherladies, in Swedish. I used to snicker at my great auntie Lempi who had a love for leopard print, wore a wig and wanted to be Greta Garbo. Little did I know that a few years (ok, a lot of years later. Lempi was born 1908 and is departed quite some years ago, rest her wonderful dramatic soul) I would be just like her. Except I'd rather be Monroe than Garbo.
Looking at the pics from rehearsals yesterday made me realize I need more leopard tights ;)

Friday, November 16, 2012


Well, the weekend is here! I´m off to get Pepper in a minute and we have some rehearsals for the duo number we are doing in Pori next week, and tomorrow it´s off to Tampere for the Newcomer´s Night 2012! If you´re still pondering, don´t- just get the tickets! More info here!

The information for Ravintola Kulttuurikulma in Pori you can find here -even the info is wrong, Sandy won´t be on will have to do with yours truly :) You can see Sandy, Rudie Ruthless and Lucie Goodness at Nosturi in Helsinki on the 23rd at Welcome to Candyland!!

While we shake our thang in Pori, Kiki Hawaiji is hosting Kokomo Burlesque in Helsinki. On stage Cherry "Turrrbo-Cherry" Dee, Bent van der Bleau and Bettie Blackheart! Tiki-drinks and pineapple paradise to wipe this November rain away!

Have a marvellous, sunny Friday folks!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updates from Thee Daisies

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick note: Thee Dizzy Daisies page is updated and some new pictures as well, so feel free to go check it out here! More of the upcoming madness soon!

Us Daisies at the Finnish Burlesque Gala this October

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some more Kaylin

As I was surfing I found a post from  Kaylin Idora about a video shoot with the 69 Eyes they have made in New Orleans... beautiful location and beautiful women, among others the amazing Perle Noire...not to mention a very nice song, mellow and somehow a bit sad. Maybe it´s just this darkness :) So cool that rock bands are using burlesque performers in their videos. I stole the link to the video, you can go check it out.
Came to think of all those wonderful photos Kaylin has taken while visiting Finland, so I snuck in on a couple of friends facebook sites and stole these pictures, thanks Tink and Sandy <3
And Kaylin, baby you need to come back!!!

Shake it, Sandy!

The amazing Tinker Bell

Doing what must be done....

My "Kiss (of a shy girl) outfit.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Happy Father´s Day for all you Daddies out there! I´m having my dad and my sisters avec family for lunch today, been up since early hours cooking...Yup, it´s the food = love thing again :) Going for some feta-veggie salad, beef Wallenberg and mash and home baked bread. Hooyah. But I´m not here to talk about food (I could, if you want ;) I´m here to talk about the Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013. Notice, that the time has changed, it´s not in February but the first weekend in March! You can get info from the Helsinki Burlesque site, also from the facebook here. I recommend you get those tickets in good advance, there are some good deals for early birds as well!


I´ll leave you with some inspiration from the wonderful film "Metropolis". Have a great Sunday! <3

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cat(print) & sunshine

A little good old sunshine makes the difference in how I feel and how much energy I have! Today is a purrfect day to suck that up: a little snow on the ground to make things pretty and that gloomy sun that makes me realize just how dirty my windows are...
My wrist is feeling better, still aching but I can drive. Or at least I hope I can- we will see soon :) Things right now in cats & leopard:

Pertti "reading" aka shredding the newspapers.
Bright lights bright lights!!!
Adding bling to my kitten-outfit.
Paavo the floating cat.
View from window.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Wonders

As it sure as heck seems to be more and more Winter outside with this snow it´s time to pull those woollies and hats out and surrender to the Season! Not all of us are so-called Xmas people and here in Scandinavia this season has a lot less celebrations than say North America with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas back-to-back. We´re not doing that shabby though, - the tradition of "Little Christmas" (pikkujoulu) celebrations sell a lot of glittery dresses and causes many hangovers these times.
If you want to wear a glitter dress (hangover is optional) why not come to Tampere in a month to see me and Sandy and Pepper shake at Teerenpeli Tease ! On stage also Lili Safiiri and the fantastic Holy Curves! aka Olivia Rouge and Cherrie A. Dorable!
Also happening in Tampere next week (17th of November) is the annual Newcomer´s Night where newborn burlesque performers get to show us what they got for the first time! Hosted by Lafayette Lestrange and Stella Polaire, more info here!

Tampere is happening, see you there!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things right now

Here are the things that I have on my mind right now: my final thesis on female burlesque performers bodyimages, my f-ed up wrist (careful with those high heels, children!), snow&ice and planning a trip somewhere sunny, Obama winning hurrah!!! and a new number that still goes under the name "Praline Airways".
Being unable to drive, tie my hair or doing anything else that twists my wrist is making me a bit grouchy but thankfully I can type so hoping to finish the paper this week.
Have a great Wednesday peeps!

Some of the books for research
Praline Airways, boarding Spring 2013....
Pretty. Hurts like hell,too.
Slippery when wet.
On a flow, baby!
Wearing the shirt I bought in NYC ca 4 years ago. Yes you can.