Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last shakes for this year

Americana, photo by Annika D.

Hello lovelies!
Well, that´s that for 2012 - almost! At least for performances, tomorrow we are having a big party for a lot of the burlyQ folks and friends at the Praline mansion :) Themed: "Come as you are NOT" so I´m really looking forward to how this will turn out! But alas, here are some pictures from last nights´show at Kokomo. Thank you everyone who came out, to my fellow performers and especially Kiki for organizing <3 <3 <3

Oh, and P.S - The World Famous *BOB* posted a really, really good note on facebook for everyone who thinks about starting or just have started burlesque. I think it´s really important to understand that one should be respectful in words and actions to everyone doing this. There´s enough shit coming from people who don´t understand or who plain condemn or frown upon us so let´s be civil with each other, ok? This also includes stuff you write on the internet.  So here´s in the words of one of the most fabulous performers out there:

"Right away my advice for anyone starting in Burlesque is:
1. Know the history- research Burlesque and the women that came before you. The only way we can create the future of anything in a responsible way is by honoring its past.
2. Don't be jealous or competitive- if you are truly original then there is no competition! (sigh* what a relief!)
3. Lead by example- be the person you would want to share a backstage with- be the performer you would want to see- and always respect that others may have a different approach to it all.
4. Take lessons- whether it's acting, dance, butoh, or ballet- you're only as good as the time you put in.
5. The second it's not what you want to do anymore stop.
6. Do not expect to make a living doing it- it is VERY popular and there are only so many seats on the tour bus. It does not mean that you will not- just don't go into thinking you will. Most full time professional performers, myself included, do A LOT of artistic things to pay the bills. Catherine D'Lish, Dirty Martini, Dita Von Tease, Julie Atlas Muz are a few of the talented but also lucky ones that do just Burlesque for the most part. Costumes, classes, and travel cost $.
7. Follow your heart.
8. Respect women and cheer them on- including yourself- Diva's are lonely people.
9. I will leave you with my personal onstage mantra:
"Wig on,
Chin up,
Heels High,
Move Forward!"-World Famous *BOB*
That is what I say when I have a job to do and need super hero powers to do it. I teach at The New York School of Burlesque and would love to see you in class.
Until Then- Love & Poodles,
World Famous *BOB* "

Lucia, faithfully. Photo: Kiki Hawaiji
Head gear.
Sir Willy <3
What Lola wants, Lola gets...
I admit, it might have gotten outta hand :)
Kiki & Lola backstage
Kiki Hawaiji
Sir words here 
Zombie Americana, it looks like
The ballet dancer 
Dressage by Sir Willy
Viva Americana.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Tomorrow yours truly will take the stage with Lola Vanilla, Sir Willy Waterlily and Kiki Hawaiji!!! (Bent and Cherry shook all night long in November ;) Hot music by DJ Fiona Timantti!

Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pineapple Paradise!

Ho Ho Ho!
I hope everyone has had marvelous Holidays! If you are tired of stuffing do come see Willy Waterlily, Lola Vanilla, myself and Kiki Hawaiji shake and shimmy at Pineapple Paradise, restaurant Kokomo in Hellsinki this Friday the 28th of December! The event will be hosted my the wonderful and unstable creature of Paradise: Kiki Hawaiji! Doors open at 9pm!

Pic stolen from the interwebs

Saturday, December 22, 2012

EpeDog 50!

Last night we got together to celebrate the Hellsinki Hotdog, godfather of Manlesque EpeDog aka Frank Doggenstein. Thee Dizzy Daisies had joined forces with the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret as the Tourettes for a go go-ish routine with a twist ;) Night full of surprises, the biggest one probably being the Blue Bunny himself who had flown in from Berlin!!! I'm calming down for Xmas now, so I will leave you with these snaps that probably tell more than words...
Oh, if you get tired of ham, turkey and such come to Kokomo next Friday the 28th to see me and others shake! Lucia on stage first time in Hellsinki!

With Sandy and Welma
Scotty giving the b-day boy a good spanking :)
Bent <3 Scotty
The marvelous ms.Timantti
Sandy seems to really enjoy that punk attitude :) 
T.t Tassel, Rhia and Olivia (love the cleavage, babe!)
Mr. Bunny and his magical balloon.
Not sure what´s going on but I love it.
Kitty, Tinker, Cherry and Vera avec.
The fantastic and beautiful Alli Ruth.
There´s a little D´Vil in Vera.
Rhia gets a taste of meggins.
Tyra <3
Mia Li Moon
What we did. Sort of :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

What a wonderful excuse!

The gorgeous Marilyn

OH Bettie <3

Yes, the Holiday season gives the purrfect excuse (if you need one) to look at some lovely seasonal pin up girls! My job is done for the year, it´s time for warm glögg and preparing -yes, you guessed it! lots and lots of FOOD :)
But before that there will be the birthday party of our own mr. Frank Doggenstein tonight! Let me tell you it will be an evening full of surprises .... I´m quite desperate that I´ve thrown away all of my punk-era clothes (probably grown out of them, too) now that the theme of tonight is "PUNX NOT DEAD!". I have to see what I can manage to pull together, I might even surprise myself! Have a good Friday folks!
P.S all photos from google by "Christmas pin up"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

This time of year it´s time to remind ourselves of that little thing my mother calls "primitive manners" (alkeelliset käytöstavat in Finnish). What we refer to by it is that we all should know some basic stuff about how to treat each other, how to be respectful, to be able to listen (not just talk) and to have EQ: emotional intelligence.
Especially when meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures this is important, not just "assume" things but to find out. I was thinking about this this week partly because of a facebook post from Scotty the Blue Bunny who, currently living in Berlin, had tried to (in vain) get his gym to stop playing music where words like "faggot" and other hurtful words like that are used frequently. Another reason for this post this Monday is that come Holiday times some peeps seem to forget their manners and behave poorly when out and about both in "the real world" and on the internet. There´s always idjuts online, I know. But how about trying to remember the net-etiquette and be nice instead of mean, huh? As well as to learn to wait in line, not curse at people in shops and not shoving in public transportation?
Just because YOU don´t have a red nose does not mean you should put down on those who do.
Love, peace and happiness and all that Holiday glitter <3

Pic stolen from All those Vaginas facebook-site.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lucia, faithfully

Thank you everyone at Teerenpeli Tease last night!!! What a night! Here are some pictures of my number, thank you Rhia theEvil Dressmaker for these pictures. I´m off to a Christmas concert, my Holiday season starts officially now, next week it´s up with Xmas curtains and the rest of the decorations :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Saints & sinners

Saint Lucia is a Catholic saint who is celebrated the 13th of December as the bringer of light. Especially in Sweden but also in the Finnish-Swedish tradition the white clad maiden with candles in her hair is a pretty big thing. My new number takes inspiration from that tradition but ... Well, there might be a twist to the story :) If you want to see the whole thing come see us shake our tailfeathers at Winter Wonderland, Teerenpeli Tease in Tampere tomorrow!!! Ta!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Power of make up

I often hide behind red lipstick. No, really. I know that a lot of people think that wearing fire engine red lipstick will make you stand out more, maybe so...-but nobody will notice your tired looking eyes! I have gotten many compliments at work about how "perky" I always look or how I can look so good that time in the morning (before 8am) and the answer I always give is: it´s the lipstick. There are not many places I go to without any make up, but granted if I´m home, especially in the summer running around I have no problem what so ever to be clean faced. I just like to put "my face on", it´s a ritual in the morning that wakes me up, gives me time to think and hopefully makes me look a bit less gloomy especially this time of the year.
That being said I think about the blog post Veera wrote a while back about getting shit for not photo shopping her pictures as well as about beauty ideals all in all, I´ve also skimmed on the subject of ideal, norms and gender on several occasions, one being e.g this and it seems to be a hot potato still, as it should be. So inspired by Veera I´ll post another make up free face here. Both pictures are taken last Saturday, first one at approx. 7pm and the other at 01am. 

See what I mean with the lipstick :) ???
P.S I´m really bummed because OF COURSE I can´t get my favourite lipstick in Finland anymore. If you find Diorific nr 003 Abracadabra anywhere I will pay for the postage!!!!

Have a great week!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photos with Jirina

Yesterday morning I packed my car and headed to Hellsinki for a photo shoot with Pepper and Sandy. Jirina took the pictures and Tea was nice enough to let us shoot at the beautiful old movie theater turned party location Astoria. I´m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out since we had a blast :)
Here are some of my iphotos, stinky as they are you get an idea hihi!
Have a great Sunday!!! Oh, and don´t forget to come and see Thee Dizzy Daisies in Teerenpeli Tease next Saturday!! I´m premiering with a brand new number...

Feather headed ladies!
The Faery organizing herself.
Strike a pose!
Pepper posing.
The dress looks latex but it is sequins :)
Jirina shooting Sandy
Something funny happened with the light here :)
Faery shoes <3