Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays!

It´s time to wrap this up for 2014! It´s been a crazy, wonderful year with lots of fantastic things both personally and professionally! I got to perform in so many wonderful places, meet so many great human beings, share stages and backstages with so many amazing people there are no words for it really. My dream of performing at the New York Burlesque Festival came to life AND I got to go there with my ladies Sandy & Pepper, Tinker and Bettie plus Frank and Tuomas, which made it even more fun! Another long time wish of mine happened in Vienna  where I was introduced by World Famous *BOB*, -and that whole festival was such a mindblowing experience, meeting all these crazy, talented, shimmering people from all around the world. Amsterdam Burlesque Awards was the icing of the cake where Xarah, in spite of everything, made some magic happen. And all these events here at home where I´ve laughed, swapped pastie tape and hugs...Oh boy! <3
My nephew says "Dream Big"...if your neighbours aren´t laughing at your dreams they aren´t big enough. My dreams might not be those of winning titles or of world dominance but this year surely made some of them happen.
I want to thank especially my partners in crime: Sandy Jungle and Pepper Sparkles for being my ladies, my friends and companions on this journey. A huge, warm hug & thanks to my Finnish burlesque family (you know who you are!), my burlesque mama Bettie Blackheart (to whom I owe SO MUCH!) and a squeeze on the bottocks to my husband for all the love and support -because if it wasn´t for a supportive spouse this would be pretty impossible.

Now it´s time to relax and greet the New Year of 2015 with hope, wishes and maybe, just maybe...a few more dreams. Have a great Holiday Season and take care <3

(c) JBM

Thursday, December 11, 2014

It´s that time again... release the fantastic line up for Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2015!!! <3
Thank you everyone at Wäiski last night! Now it´s time for me to grade some students, do some yoga and get myself in the Holiday-mood...My gaze is already set for the new shenigans of next year so be prepared!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Darkness is upon us it usually goes in December. We are a few weeks from Xmas, that means a few more gigs before calming down a bit...To re-appear in January with new shenanigans! I have two new numbers planned, one probably premiering earlier this Spring. We´re also going to work on some changes in our new group number so busy busy :)
Last weekend was so lovely! On Friday we finally got the news that the law for equal marriage is on it´s way to be passed and got to spend the evening performing at a private party with Lola, Bettie, Frank and Pepper <3 Saturday was a big night for Sir Willy Waterlily, who produced the Burlesque Fantastico!-night in Porvoo. It was spectacular, some 450 people and one fine show! Thank you for letting me a part of that! Here´s some photos from Saturday. Oh! And don´t forget to come to Wäiski on the 10th of December for "Under the Mistle Tease Vol2 -the Showgirl Edition" -tickets are on sale!

(c) Tuomas Lairila

(c) Tuomas Lairila

(c) Tuomas Lairila

Sandy Jungle, yours truly, Lady Laverna (whos pic this is) , Foxy Suzy, Miss Chrissy Kiss, Trixie Tassels, Miss Acrolicious