Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bavarian Burlesque Festival!

I’ve had such a glitter-filled Autumn break! First me & Dick went to see the Stockholm Burlesque Festival (which was amaze balls!!! Chris Oh! Sweetpea! Rubyyy Jones! Workshops and lovelies!) Sweetpea made us sweat like crazy and I found her ass-a-lishious workshop to be super helpful with my new act that I´m working on :)
We then headed to Munich for the first ever Bavarian Burlesque Festival last weekend.
Had SUCH a blast! Amazing organizing and super lovely people all around ♥️ So thank you for having me and congrats for a great first! Such a super production team! It was a pleasure to be on your stage with my Midlife Crisis! Xtra love to my airbnb-buddies Pepper Sparkles, Dick Tator, Lotta Love, Johnny O. and Andreas & Nina, to Melody D´Amour for taking a busy day off and taking us to see Schloss Linderhof ( you´re the bees knees!) and to Antti for taking the trip down from Berlin to see us and to Thorsten & Irmi for the village hospitality!

Pic: Verena Gremmer

Luminous Pariah, Pepper and I

Backstage Friday with Lady Kant, Pepper & Dixie Feathers

LOVE these nutheads <3 Whisky Falls, Dixie and I.