Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life at the circus

Firstly: thank you all of you party people last night! I´ll admit: performing for friends and ex-colleagues is intimidating and I was really nervous beforehand. Performing for people I know is somehow much harder than for an "unknown" audience, but I can take a guess that is the case for most of us. Also, since it was only my 2nd time doing "Praline Airlines" theres always that little extra nervousness about getting things properly done. You were goddamn amazing! Thanks for the support and cheers <3

I don´t know if I have mentioned this before but we have a circus here. No. Really. I know I keep saying life at the farm is a circus (and a railwaystation) during the Summertime since it´s busy as heck around here but we really have a circus here. I´m not talking clowns, ponies with feathers on their heads and trapeze-girls but five talented young lads from a circus school close by who have put up a show in our riding hall. Since I´m leaving tomorrow early in the morning and will miss the shows I got to see it today at their rehersals, and let me tell you: it´s brilliant! I wasn´t surpriced by the fact that these guys are talented, but there is such a fun story and the whole comical part of it all that I wasn´t expecting. I don´t know that much about "new" circus, obviously :) But I do love circus and I do love a good show. Plus the boys are really nice guys.
So, the shows are this Wednesday-Friday @6pm and Saturday-Sunday @2pm. Come show your support for yung artists and local culture if you´re around! And on Sunday there is the traditional Mallusjoen Takinkääntöviikko-music festival starting! That is a free thing and huge success so bring a friend and come and enjoy the Finnish countryside!

I have no clue about internets and blogging etc while I´m in Florida but I´ll try to keep you posted if there is something important :) I´m looking forward to quality time with my mother, reading brainless books by the pool and getting my nerves back before work starts. I do want to be relaxed and nice for my students! Oh, and I´m sure the husband appreciates it, too ;)

Not eery riding hall has a huge auditorium :)

Practice makes perfect

Got dizzy just watching...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Praline Airlines

Once upon a time I used to work as a stewardess. As cliché as it is, of course I had to make a number of it. Tonight I´ll be performing "Praline Airlines" at a party for all those lovely peeps that used to work for Air Finland, good times :) It´ll be fun to see you all again! And on a big rigger, none the less! All aboard and ship ahoy! Or should I say take your emergency landing positions and brace, brace ;)

Photo: Emiliano Melandri

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tiki and Tahiti on my mind...

I got the coolest pair of heels from Fast'n'Loud in Hellsinki! Leopard print meets tiki-heels, how can that go wrong? It can´t! I know I should be saving my money for my trip to Florida but this i just could-not-resist... It also made me nostalgic for Tahiti. Me and hubby went there for (a part) of our honeymoon in 2007 and I totally fell head-over-heels (hehe!) in love with the place. How can a place be so beautiful, both nature, music, people and food? I know, of course, that Tahiti, as most places on this planet, has it´s problems for sure and I have that romantic tourist view of the whole place but still...If you ever have the possibility to go and experience the gorgeous light that will make everything seem a more vivid color...go. Run!
I´m still a bit sick and trying to lay low for today so that will be fit to fly on Wednesday (and Monday), which means that I´m missing a lot of fun today but so it has to be :( Oh well. Summer is soon over so try to suck it in babes while it lasts! Have a great weekend peeps!!!

Mamas new babies!

Heel detail <3
Me going out for our "Tahitian wedding"
Me & hubby, Bora Bora in the background.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer shoot

Well, this is what happens when one stands in cold water...I´ve got a terrible summer flue :(  I really hope this would pass ASAP, since I have lots to do before my holidays and really don´t have time to be sick in bed!!! AArgh! Flying with clogged sinuses isn´t on my top ten-list, either... Lots of ginger and honey and chillies, keep your fingers crossed I´ll be fit to fly for Monday when I have my next gig!
Here re some pictures from our photoshoot by the sea on Tuesday. It was nice and warm in the sun but the water was still pretty, hm...refreshing :) Emiliano is working on the results as we speak and they look great! Have a marbellous Thursday and stay healthy!

All packed and ready to go!

Tag am Meer

Em, getting his bum wet :)

In my new "Diamonds" custom made outfit from Pepper Sparkles <3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Enjoy the small things

Howdy ho! Cowgirl ready for duty, it´s back to farmlife again after the weekend shenanigans and that means the morning started with getting lots of milk from the barn so that I can cook the planned porridge in the oven for everyone here today! GLAMOROUS haha :) No, I don´t really care about that glam that much, really. WHAT is it, anyway? For me glam can be the fact that I put on lipstick in the morning, because it makes me feel really good. It´s fun, it´s entertaining but I´m a girl of simple pleasures. That´s why I put up a sticker saying "Enjoy the little things" on one of our walls, to remind myself that I should not always just plan ahead but to stop and enjoy the momentum, so to say. Sometimes people ask me if I don´t miss living in Hellsinki but truth be told - very seldomly, if ever. It was fun while it lasted, the nightlife, the 24/7-happenings, all of it. But maybe I´m old or something, I really enjoy having space around me, to be able to go outside and sit on the terrace and have a glass of wine. Realestate is sky high in the city as we speak, it´s really ridiculous. Plus theres always travel. My hubby asked me once it we should get a summer cottage (which is very typically Finnish) and I looked at him like he was mad! We live at a FARM! "Yes, a Summer cottage in Manhattan" was my answer if memory serves me right.

  Living in this big, ol´ farm where we have been renovating and working since the day we arrived makes me blind to the fact that a lot has already been done. And I have learned that the garden will probably NEVER be finished. Patience is no virtue of mine (I always thought, but then I can sit gor hours on end glueing bling to my costumes...go figure!), so it has been a revelation..... I try to have one BIG project every summer, the past years it has been in the house, wallpapers, paint etc. but since the interior is pretty ok now we moved outside. This summers project has been painting the old porch and putting down stones in the front, and our resident Italian has been extremely helpful with this. Could have not done it without him since most my days seem to be spent in the kitchen! The backyard´s terrace was finished last summer so now I need to figure out the rest of it...but that will be NEXT summer ;)
Ok, ok...I do plan ahead and I do enjoy to think about what is going to happen in the near future. Tomorrow I´m shooting some outdoor pictures by the sea with Emiliano and having rehearsals with my girls, next Monday I get to shake my tailfeathers at a party for my old colleagues from my previous aviaton-life with "Praline Airlines" and then tada! it´s off to Florida with my mother! Really looking forward to a girls-only-holiday with her! But before this, I love the sun outside today, my fresh coffee (and milk hehe!) in my Wonder Woman-cup that was a prezzie from my sister and th luxoury of having the house quiet and non-demanding for the morning!
The Burlesque Assassins movie was brilliant! I laughed SO much, the humour was right up my alley!!! Great burlesque acts, too- I´m in love with Koko La Douce once again... Later Xarah rocked the house and even if we could have had more audience the feeling and the atmorphere was very lovely. Thanks Olivia, T.t and Seah aka the Tampere Troublemakers for inviting me and letting me a part of this event <3

Ready to go! No make up and rollers, this is it, baby :)

Backstage, listening to my song before the show.

With Sophie le Sucre, redheads galore!

The wonderful and gorgeous Xarah von den Vielenregen. P.S (my dress is from Olivia Rouge)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Americana once again

 Today I get to go on a roadtrip with some great men, Sir Willy Waterlily and Emilano M., -it´s off to Tampere and Burlesque Assassins! Woop!

I´ll be performing my ´Americana´ as requested and really looking forward to it! On stage will also be:
Xarah von den Vielenregen
Holy Curves!
The Valentino Sisters
Sir Willy Waterlily
Marie la Mint
Dixie Muffins

See you there <3
Pic: Annika D.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photos with Adam, 2.

I was cleaning my desk today and found the cd containing some of the photos I did with Adam Monaghan. I hope to be able to work with him again soon, but here are some unpublished pictures from that day. Adam is not just a friend and a great charming guy, but a very talented photographer as well so if you ever get to see his work someplace you should go! 
This was also the first time I tried this hairdo, pinning it up to create a fake bob. I´ve since used it many times, also with performing. I still prefer to have my hair up on stage, somehow I´m scared of it all get intagled in the costume... I think one of the only exceptions to this is my "Americana" which you will see this Saturday at Teerenpeli ;)
Have a marvellous Wednesday <3  

All  photos (c) Adam Monaghan

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh Xarah!

Hello, hello!

A week long silence, a nice vacation and now I´m BACK :) Greetings from Berlin and Klagenfurt (Austria), we had such a great time! Thanks to Antti & Jörg for being such wonderful hosts and Scotty for a lovely summer dinner <3
Just a quick reminder about this Saturday: if you´re into colorful comedy, Tarantino-ish action, real burlesque stars as actors then you really do NOT want to miss the Finnish premiere of The Burlesque Assassins! It´s at Teerenpeli in Tampere, movie starts at 9pm and a live burlesque show after starring Xarah von den Vielenregen and a bunch of Finnish performers including yours truly! Tickets can be bought at Tiketti and be sure to get yours in advance - this is a one time only experience!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A few photos

Down with norms!

Me & Linnea von Kattendam

Extremely handsome.

With Lola Vanilla.

Our banner.

Tom´s men.