Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy May-day!

Hyvää vappua, that is happy May-day! To everyone who is celebrating and to everyone else as well :) Got the garden furniture out and did some scraping around in the garden. I´ll leave you with a good mantra for Spring:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Until Friday

I just realized that I haven't posted my snaps from HBF13! So here you go - workshops and Friday night backstage. I'll have to go through the Saturday as well at some point...
Oh yes, Tallinn was a blast! Berit took care of us as we would be queens, the event was truly magical - bellydance and burlesque go great together! And our first worshops with Pepper was a success. We got complimented for both contents and lay out so I feel really happy! The teacher in me is doing a little dance haha!!! Looking forward to do more workshops so contact me if you want something for e.g bachlorette parties or birthdays!

The Russian ladies Miss Blondis & Lyalya Bezhetskaya @ Dirty´s workshop Thursday night.
Ruska putting up scenography @ Gloria, Friday.
Titania Hill, backstage Friday.
Me and the terribly handsome (a bit scary here) Sir Willy Waterlily.
The Baron & Loulou D´Vil 
Fiona Timantti fixing the hair of the Authentic Jazz dancers
Me with my idol Dirty Martini after her workshop on Thursday.
The fantastic scene of HBF13 by Ruska Schönberg.
With the one and only Tigger! after his workshop on Thursday.
Kitty Litter & Pepper Sparkles backstage Friday.
With Sandy <3
Me with Dirty and Pepper, backstage Friday.
Thee Dizzy Daisies @ Raspberry Fields after Angie Pontani´s go-go workshop on Wednesday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mysterious Tallinn- tomorrow!

Well, it´s not a road trip, but a boat trip! Come see belly dancers, fire show and Thee Dizzy Daisies tomorrow night in Tallinn!!! And don´t forget to join mine and Pepper Sparkle´s workshops on Saturday! I hope to see you there, will report asap after the trip ;) Have a magical weekend!

(c) Jirina Alanko

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Springtime is here!

Here are some picture evidence from last Saturday´s evening of Springtime in Tampere! Thank you everyone who attended and all the crazy girls backstage! You are a hoot and a half <3 Lot´s of gigs coming up in the near future so be sure to follow the little box on the side of this page, changes might accure. 
Talking about crazy & wonderful ladies, Kaylin Idora wrote a really cool review of the Helsinki Burlesque Festival for 21st Century Burlesque , you can read it here

Putting on glitter eyes. Photo: Emiliano Melantri

Photo: Emiliano Melantri
Walk-throughs before the show, Pepper Potemkin & Grams on stage.
Leopard lady all packed for travel!
Albine fierce!
With Swedish hotties!

Pepper Potemkin, yours truly and Grams Blackbird
Albine A.Dorable and her horns (smaller this time to fit the stage!)
Say cheese!
Hostess with the Mostess, Stella Polaire.
All rolled up for the fruit hat!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Finnish Rude Boy

Oh behold! I´ve been ranting about the amazing Finnish boylesque scene before, you know with the testicle festival- all male happening last February and our own Godfather of Manlesque Frank Doggenstein and so on... Now we have another reason to hoot! My boy Rudie Ruthless is performing this Wednesday @ the Slipper Room in NYC! And he will be the stage kitten (or pick-up, as we say here) at the Friday event for the NY Boylesque Festival! If you´re still wondering about what boylesque is about you can read some quotes from the performers here!
SO, if you are New York this week, be sure to see our Rudie on stage and get an insight in the wonderful world of boylesque at the NYC Boylesque Festival!!!

The Godfather of Manlesque, Frank Doggenstein on the cover of the biggest Swedish speaking newspaper in Finland this March. The article was 3 pages!

Rudie Ruthless

Rudie on stage <3

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Teerenpeli Tease @ Tampere! If you're around be sure to come see Grandma take her kit off (only time in Finland!!!) Shaking bananas, showtime 7pm, tickets 12e at the door ! Let's see if I'll be ready ;)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sleaze II

For Friday, here´s an icon of sleaze rock. Hanoi Rocks blew my mind back in the day and still does, and Michael is still a force of nature! Have a good one, peeps <3

Ballad of the Lower East Side

Queens: Thee Dizzy Daisies, Fiona Timantti and Queen. Idea: Jason Burton, photo: Antti Holma

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I grew up on rock music. Pop never really got a hold of me... there was a slight fling with Wham! for sure, Duran Duran yes... But what really kicked me in the stomach in my early teens was hard rock. Sleaze rock, as I have heard it be called as well. Oh yes. Later there came punk, funk and hard core but the first love is, well, -you know. Always there. So for your Thursday entertainment, in my post-hot-yoga-happiness I present to you two awesome sleaze bands, one from the past and the other my new found love. See, I do listen to other than just 40´s jazz :) Guns ´n ´ Roses and Harcore Superstar!!!

When Axl still was hot. 

                                                                Thank you, Sweden!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Hair, part 2

Happy Wednesday,peeps! I found a few more old photos of things that might save a bad hair day, as well as a couple from last weekend when I tried that scarf/know thing I posted a pic of on Friday.

The kitchen clock broke but I saved the part that had been the "numbers", in this case forks and spoons. To be used in a number, I´m sure :)
A blurry picture of me and my vintage hat found at Helsinki Vintage a few years ago. Very "Little house on the prairie", right?
The look I had last Saturday, from the side. The fringe turned out pretty nice, three rolls.
This hat can be seen on stage in Tampere this Saturday. Amazing work by Pepper Sparkles!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pepper Potemkin & Grandma workshop

People of Tampere and there around!!! This Saturday you have an amazing opportunity to take part of some of Sweden´s finest sharing their knowledge of the Art of Tease! Pepper Potemkin and Grandma will host a workshop before the evening show at Teerenpeli Tease and I whole-heartidly recommend you take that. I would, but am stuck on the freeway to make the show in time :(
Be sure to sign up!!!

Pic from Pepper´s fb.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today's Fleamarket

Thank you everyone who came out to Raspberry Fields today! It was a great success and maybe we will host a similar event this summer! I sold a lot but there´s still a few things left ;) AND...I didn´t buy too much to take home -phew!!!

My stuff at the beginning...a lot of it, too.
Sandy organizing.
Michael from Fast´n´Loud came out, too.
Kitty Litter and her Tiisin´ Design.
Cherry Dee´s gorgeous table.

Tinker Bell´s pearls.
Crowdin´  <3
Leopard ladies Sandy, me and Kitty. Photo by Sandy Jungle.
An exhausted husband :) Good job, Jarri!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bad Hair Day

Tonight I´m not going anywhere except the post office and zumba :) I have been a proper housefrau, cleaning and doing laundry and it´s pretty nice sometimes just to do "the regular stuff". Tomorrow we have a house warming party of good friends and on Sunday it´s the Burlesque Fleamarket at Raspberry Fields so the weekend will be stuffed as it is. I thought I´d share with you some pointers in how to save a Bad Hair Day...since, at least I seem to have them on a somewhat regular basis. First thing that I´ve noticed (works for my fine and flowy hair at least): don´t go to bed with wet hair. Or if you do, roll it up. A good comb is a must, as is hair spray. I´m such a rookie at hairdo´s and try to learn from tutorials etc but so far I´ve learned that on a Bad Hair Day :

My friend brought this picture to my attention. Scarves will save your butt any given Sunday.
Try fake bangs. Helps to have proper hair spray, bobby pins and patience.
Put on a hat. Any kind. This one re-modeled from an 80´s hat that used to belong to my mother by Fiona Timantti.
Hang out with good looking friends :) . Also bright colors in hair cheer up.
Add feathers!
Take pictures that won´t show the hair.
Use rollers!!! ROLLERS. Any kind. I like hot rollers.