Friday, January 20, 2017


Pikaisesti ilmoittautumaan Mueve!:lle että saadaan kevään työpajoja toteutumaan! (Tanssikoulussa on minusta riippumaton osallistuja-alaraja).
Tarjolla 75min burleskitanssia alkeis/alkeisjatko-tasolla sekä perusliikkeitä puuhkien/hanskojen kanssa! Muitakin toiveita otetaan vastaan! Paras tapa viettää lauantai-iltapäivä <3

11.02.2017 klo 16.10
18.03.2017 klo 16.10

t. Gigi

Lisätiedot täältä!

Pic: JBM

Friday, January 6, 2017

Body Love

Happy New Year 2017!

Let´s hope it´ll be all that and a bag of chips! Listen, apart from hopefully teaching a Shimmering High Heels-burlesque workshop in Turku on January 28th I also have the immense pleasure of performing in Tampere the same evening!

Olivia Rouge did it again: she´s putting me on stage with some AMAZING performers. I´ve been hoping for The Return Of Rudie Ruthless *for ages* and here it IS: he will be here! Stella Polaire, Nana Violet, Lady Laverna, , Mimi de FrouFrou, Olivia herself AND the amazing Rubyyy Jones from the UK!
I met this woman in Vienna at the first ever Vienna Boylesque Festival and let me tell you: she is quite something <3
Can´t WAIT to see her again!!!

You know the drill: get tix. It will probably sell out.