Friday, November 29, 2013


It´s that time of the year when a teacher is crammed with stuff to correct and things to read through...Just finished a HUGE pile that has been bugging me for a week and I am relieved!!!! I´m in pretty good time,as well. I´m pretty bad with schedules, usually a deadline is my best motivator but for once (please don´t let it be the last!) I´m on time :)
Burlesque-wise I have had an empty head for a while...a few good ideas, some great pieces of costumes and now also I got my music figured out for a number I want to do with that gorgeous boa I got from Fannie Annie! I had a Halloween-numer kinda planned but time and things got in the way year! But after the Holidays (and a well-deserved vacation in the sun with my darling) I´ll get cracking! I have been bending, well if not quite like Beckham, at least more than usual at my yoga class, got some latin dance classes crammed in so trying hard to work on that movement/dancing bit that is so so hard for me :) Springtime will give you a new number from Gigi -that´s a promise! In the meantime, here´s our new group number from Thee Dizzy Daisies...Please keep in mind that this was the first (FIRST) official show for it so hopefully the coskup´s are excused ... I was nervous as heck, seldomly have I had stage nerves that bad before! On that note: I get more nervous with performing group numbers than solos. We discussed this with some performers, some said they get the opposite...I don´t know. I just fear I´ll screw things up for everyone, I guess. When I´m alone on stage it´s all on me -good, or bad. Especially the bad. I want to make my girls proud! We have an awesome group, three different personalities that all bring something to the mix. I hope you enjoy it and I really hope we get to do this again soon! The marvellous headpieces /that one unfortunately can´t see too well in the video) are made by the one-and-only Fiona Timantti, the video was shot by my hubby and final work was done by Lassi -thank you <3

Have a grreat weekend folks! Tomorrow performing in Pori so hope to see you there! Much love!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, whats better than that!

Trying to keep the flue abay (garlic, chili, lemon, ginger--- woollen socks, ibuprofein) because this Saturday we will be at Ravintola Kulttuurikulma again! This time with Thee Dizzy Daisies and Sir Willy which means you have the possibility to see our brand new "Aurora Borealis" number as a duo, plus mine and Willy´s 2nd EVER performance of "The Garden of Eden"...ya´ll should really get your tickets!

Last Saturday we saw a bunch of fun and talented acts take the stage for the first time at the Newcomer´s Night Vol.2 in Tampere! Thank you to all performers, I had a great night! Got to hang out afterwards at a beautiful appartment decorated in the 20-30´s style and spend time with good food and good friends, what´s better than that?!?

We got a new puppy to the farm, she´s a border collie and goes by the name of Elsa. One day she will be a strong and fierce shephard she´s just cute and whiny when left alone :) Our cat has been giving us the stink-eye ever since Elsa arrived haha!

I´ll leave you with a link to a marvelous article featuring the World Famous *BOB*. You can read it here, and what I really love about this inspirational woman was her reaction to the crap written in the comments was in the lines of "don´t hate back but write something beautiful". I love her <3 Thank you *BOB* for being a true Star and an inspiration!!!

Me and Pepper in Pori 08.11.13, pic by Veera

Pic: Veera

Pic: Veera

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tweety bird

All is lost. I finally gave in and joined Twitter. Sill trying to work out HOW it works but it seems that there are a lot of really interesting people tweeting out there (yeah, I know I´m veery late in this haha!). If you want to check out my nonsense I´m Pralinekaisa. But you have been warned, there really isn´t much to see folks :)
Getting ready for part one of my handstand workshop (part 2 is tomorrow)...excited and a bit anxious how I´ll do since I´ve had a disgusting headache all day. But then again that usually goes away in my hot yoga class so here´s hoping!
Xmas season is starting soon but before I give that´s a lie because I ALREADY GAVE IN and bought lights! that I refurse to call anything else but "winter lights" since this darkness is driving me insane. I was thoroughlly dissapointed when they were only blue-and-white because the package showed these gorgeous lights in pink, green AND blue! So be warned: check out the small print on the box!!!
My point was bfore my evil twin took over: here are some Autumn photos for you, all taken by JBM. Enjoy! And have a grreat weekend everyone! Maybe I´ll see you tomorrow at the Newcomer´s Night! <3

Monday, November 18, 2013

Newcomers´Night Tampere

Hello hello!

It seems to be that Monday-nights is the time for blogging for me these days. Workwise it´s been the same as in my last much as I love working as a teacher I have to say sometimes it´s friggin´ex-hausting!!! But then again, so is all work huh?! Thank goodness I´m doing my yoga challenge now since that is really giving me energy...Well sometimes. Last weekend we had friends for dinner and apart from that I was mostly on the couch watching "Whitechapel" on Netflix. Yes, absolutely braindead and oh my Goddess did I ever need that!!! I´ve been having a bit of whitdrawl symptoms with what series to get hooked on since all of True Blood, Homeland and especially my ab-so-lute favourite Lewis is all done! I tried to start on the L-Word (again) but after Lewis it just seemed I do love my BBC drama <3 SO if you have any nice recommendations let me know! Not into the zombie thing, sorry. Only vampires for me. Plus, my sci-fi has been limited to old Star Trek´s.... I´m weird, I know :)
This week finds the calendar full apart from the "regular" stuff, -everything from correcting papers to a Black Sabbath gig, to handstand workshops and Newcomers´Night this Saturday! So no rest for the wicked :)  You can get all the information and performers here and I do recommend to get tickets beforehand since I´m sure it will be sold out (again). 
Oh and here´s a bit of advertisment for the Yuletide Revue in December! Have a grrreat week, folks!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Sometimes one needs something different from the every-day-things. Last Friday´s gig in Pori was a much-appreciated break from craziness of other kind :) It´s a long drive but very much worth it, we had a blast, so thank you! Special thanks to Veera -again! Thee Dizzy Daisies will be back at the end of the month and we are bringing Sir Willy Waterlily with us so better get tickets!!!
I am absolutely knackered so need to throw my feet up for a bit before heading to yoga. Have a great week!

P.S Teerenpeli Tease Winter Wonderland will be Saturday 7th of December in Tampere and Champagne Sparkles is both performing and giving a workshop there!!! You do NOT want to miss this! Also,  the line-up for Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2014 seems amazing... Kitten D´Vil, Perle Noire, Jett Adore, Scotty the Blue are on sale and they WILL sell out so better be safe than sorry!

I warmed up my "In Flames" number...a change of shoes made all the difference!

With Holy Curves! and Pepper crammed at the miniature backstage :)

Elevator ladies!

Olivia´s rack

Vaakuna hotel in Pori has an AMAZING brekkie <3

Monday, November 4, 2013

Well, well...

Yeah, so much for the noble idea of posting something every day last week...I was under my own private train ALL felt like I was running behind stuff and never catching up on everything I needed to do. Plus my 40-day yoga challenge started but that´s only a good thing! The only bad about it is that it´s 30km away but it SO is worth the drive <3
Thank goodness I got all the papers corrected duing the weekend, answered the new question they had sent me from Sexpo ( I also volunteer as a sexual councellor for Sexpo-säätiö -foundation for sexual health in Finland)  and answer internet questions, and yes, in case you wonder I have an official training for it) plus got some home chores done that have been bugging me for ages! So productive, yes!
This Friday me, Pepper and the ladies of Holy Curves! will be shaking our tailfeathers at Ravintola Kulttuurikulma in Pori so if you´re on the West Coast do come see us! I´ll probably warm up my festival number (that has not been seen since!) so a little xtra treat for you good people out there :) AND we will be back on the 30th with Sandy, Pepper and Sir Willy Waterlily! So mark your calendars and get ready to rumble!!!

Photo: Emiliano Melandri