Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keep calm and love leopardprint!

This Saturday is THE day for all you folks who LOVE leopardprint! Also since International Leopard Day is just around the corner this is a very proper evening to celebrate dots!
 As you may have noticed, it is probably my favourite colour (yes, it IS a colour! ;) and I´ll be shaking with my Daisies on stage at Café Mascot with a bunch of purr-lesque people in well...Yeah you guessed it: leopardprint!
More info on the event organized by The Shangri-La Rubies can be found here !


Thee Dizzy Daisies By Jirina Alanko

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pirates Pleasures

This Thursday I'll be premiering my yet-nameless number inspired by the sea and water... This one has me really out of my comfort zone so be sure to come and take a peak ;) 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tehdas 2!!!

Tomorrow Restaurant Tehdas is celebrating their 2-year-anniversary and there will be both food, burlesque and a band! More info here !!!
Me, Pepper and Sir Willy can´t wait to see you there! And hey -we have the *bestest* pick up-artistry: Tinker Bell and Mela Lugosi <3 Seriously, Orimattila you´re getting spoiled ;)

Pic by Amy N. Joy <3