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Sticky & sweet Gigi is a sassy performer with a punk flair and a love of the ambiguous. She has been performing since 2010 and in 2011 she, Sandy Jungle and Pepper Sparkles started a burlesque trio called Thee Dizzy Daisies -and have been shaking and shimmying since! 
Gigi combines neo-burlesque with the more classical moves and is known for her expressive face and her quirky sense of humor. She is also a member in the burlesque ninja-group The XXXettes that appear (and disappear!) again from time to time!

Gigi is part of the Lahti Burlesque association and has been producing shows in the Lahti area since 2015. Please visit here for more information about upcoming events! You can also find is on Instagram.

Based in Southern Finland, close to Helsinki, she can easily travel all over! Gigi also has a Masters degree in pedagogics (teaching) and is a licensed sexual counselor and she´s one of the teachers in the Finnish Burlesque Institute (Burleskinstituutti). She can be booked for burlesque performances, pin up /vintage modeling, hosting, workshops, hen parties etc. Gigi is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English so teaching and communication in all three is fine!

Being a teacher she also believes in constant progress and working and learning from others to make oneself a better performer. Gigi has taken workshops from some of the leading performers in the world including  burlesque legends Satan´s Angel, Isis Starr, Shannon Doah, Judith Stein, Miss Toni Elling and Camille 2000 as well as Bettie Blackheart, Tinker Bell, Dirty Martini, Tigger!, Princess Farhana of Hollywood, Miss Indigo Blue, Angie Pontani, Bent van der Bleu, Minnie Tonka, Sydni Deveraux, Anna Fur Laxis, Erochica Bamboo, Champagne Sparkles, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Imogen Kelly, Kitten de Ville, Perle Noire, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Ray Gunn and Mr. Gorgeous, Lola Frost, Wanda de Lullabies, Kitten N´Lou, Neil Kendall, 
Michelle L´Amour, Peekaboo Pointe and Sweetpea.

Watching Gigi on stage is like drinking champagne at Tiffany´s with the Looney Tunes: almost classy, never boring! A burlesque entertainer, a sweet surprise, a Dizzy Daisy. 

"Slightly crazy and full of an amazing energy, Gigi Praline doesn´t want to play the cold beauty! She spreads joy and winks all around -gladly tongue in cheek, a bit cheaky too, a pinch of rock'n'roll and a good layer of positive attitude! Unexpected, always surpricing, and let´s face it- a tad bit bonkers!" -La Veuve (Cabaret Mademoiselle, Brussels)

Thee Dizzy Daisies        

Some notable performances:

Helsinki Burlesque Festival with Thee Dizzy Daisies, 2012
Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2013
First Annual Vienna Boylesque Festival, Austria 2014
The New York Burlesque Festival with Thee Dizzy Daisies, NYC 2014
The Amsterdam Burlesque Awards with Thee Dizzy Daisies, the Neatherlands 2014
The Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2015
Queen Calavera, Hamburg (July) 2015
The Stockholm International Burlesque Festival 2015
Queen Calavera, Hamburg ( Feb) 2016 
The Helsinki Burlesque Festival with The XXXettes 2016
Berlin Burlesque Week 2016
Devils In High Heels, Bruxelles Burlesque Festival 2016
The Queen Calavera, (Nov) 2016
The Sassy Cabaret, Brussels Belgium (Feb) 2017
The Helsinki Burlesque Festival (w/Thee Dizzy Daisies) 2017
The Toulouse Burlesque Festival 2017- one of the "Toulouse Eight" who walked out 
The Croatian Burlesque Festival 2017
Devils In High Heels Brussels Burlesque Festival 2017
The Glasgow Burlesque Festival 2017
The Bavarian Burlesque Festival 2018
Cabaret Mademoiselle, Brussels 2019
The Burlesque Exposé, Tampere-talo 2021
The Hubba Hubba Revue, San Francisco 2022

Devil Queen 2016 (of the Devils In High Heels Festival, Bruxelles)
Audience Favourite-price, Devils in High Heels Festival Bruxelles 2016
Queen of Neo Burlesque, The Croatian Burlesque Festival 2017

Radio interview for Radio X2M (in Swedish): Listen here


"She's hot and sassy, take it from a Legend"
-Isis Starr

Photo: Roy Bäckström

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