Sunday, April 22, 2012


Oh glorious Sunday! Feels like the first Spring day, it´s been very warm, things are budding in the garden, butterflies and one bumble bee have been spotted...Hurrah! Hope of Summer!
It was so much fun performing yesterday at Hehku. Usually the gigs are at night so me, Sandy and Bent were discussing how peculiarly "naughty" it feels to be stripping in broad daylight, with big windows to the busy city street none the less. Just at the end of my number, when I was twirling for all I got I noticed this man looking in to the beauty salon with a priceless expression on his face! He was just a passer-by and when I waved to him he quickly disappeared :) Aaaw! A very bog thank you to everyone at Hehku for having us, everything and everybody was so well taken care of! A true pleasure!

This afternoon I gave an interview for a newspaper about being, well I guess: me. It´s real nice to talk people who are open minded and actually ask questions instead of assuming things. Thanks Amelie Quimby! You should check out a very cool blog (in Finnish) of "Löytäjät" aka The Finders and their adventures. I just added the blog to my bloglist but you can find it here.

I´m so full of love and sunshine that I can´t bother to be upset about anything so no political pukings today! I will leave you with a few snaps from yesterday! Ta!

Me and gorgeous Kirsi from Hehku salon.

Sandy, Bent and me backstage.

Self-irony. It´s a blessing.

My girl cat with a boys name with her boa.

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