Saturday, August 23, 2014

Roadtripping showgirls

With Tinx and Cherry by Bomba in Nurmes
Greetings from the road... Somewhere between Eastern Finland and Helsinki Tinker Bell, Turrrbo Cherry and myself are driving towards Wäiski and some history in making: the first Finnish burlesquezine will be released today and the party will be grand! Totally new numbers and collaborations as well as first numbers that haven't been seen for ages in stages! Huge thank you to the amazing power house Kiki Hawaiji for making it happen!
The ladies and I had a good time last night in Nurmes at the Drive In & Rock- festival where wwe shared the stage with Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts. I have a special connection to Northern Carelia since my dad's from there and I've spent many childhood Summers up there. It was nice to see Pielinen again <3 
Hope to see you tonight!

Jeena doing her pre-stage stretching :)

Risto, Olli and Ville from the band


Ready to rumble towards Hellsinki!

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