Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sinsational Spring Awakening

What a glorious, sunny morning! I´m totally bummed about the Nordic Light-festival getting cancelled but a performance-free weekend does give me a chance to catch up on paperwork, both burlesque and non-, and get those never-ending chores at the farmhouse done. I´m just feeling kinda lazy and would just like to get outside and enjoy the sun!
Pirates Pleasures last Thursday was excellent, thank you everyone involved! Tonight The Shimmering Sheilas are organizing their Lavaklubi-burlesque club so if you´re in Hellsinki be sure to see it!
I will be on stage next weekend at the Sinsational Spring Awakening at Wäiski. It´s a small space so be sure to buy those tickets in advance! The unbelievable Queen of the Quake: Kitten De Ville will be there all the way from Los Angeles <3

(c) Emiliano Melandri

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